What to Expect in 2021 According to Your Zodiac Sign

In 2021, be prepared to embrace change and lean into a new way of life.
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We can't remember the last time we were so relieved to see the clock strike midnight on New Year's Eve. After an incredibly chaotic year, an opportunity for a fresh start is just what we need. Thankfully, the stars predict just that. 

The Great Conjunction — when Jupiter and Saturn moved through Aquarius on December 21st — played a huge role in directing the energy for the new year. “There will be a lot of change, progressive thinking, bringing together communities, and fighting for causes you care about,” astrologer Alice Bell tells L’OFFICIEL

While we’re all eager to return to “normal life” in 2021, Bell warns not to jump into change too quickly. “We’ll still be figuring out how to do our work online,” she says. “There will still be a separateness with people.”

Though each sign in the zodiac will experience the year a bit differently, we will all need to keep an open mind and be willing to move out of our comfort zones and let go of old ways of living. “The overall vibe for 2021 is being open to change and adapting to new situations,” Bell says. “People that want to stay the same in 2021, it’s not going to work. People that want to return to how their life was in 2019, that’s not going to work either.” 

Here, Bell walks us through what each zodiac sign can expect this year.


If Aries is your sun sign, you can expect to form new friendships or take on a more active role in your relationships with others, like becoming a group leader or bringing people together. “You might also be getting more responsible about who you associate with,” says Bell. “Maybe you’ll cut out people that no longer align with who you want in your life.” 

In the new year, you are reconsidering what your values are. There could be changes to how you want to spend money or what you believe is worth working towards. If you’ve ever thought about starting your own business or a side-hustle, now is the time.


This year, Taurus, you can expect career expansion and growth. You may feel called to make improvements at work, or find a new career path that’s more in line with who you are. If you have a job you love, you might also see a big promotion or public attention for your work.

You are thinking more long-term in 2021, and may begin to see yourself in a new light. “You’re wanting to express yourself differently and evolve how you think about yourself,” says Bell.


Geminis have Jupiter and Saturn in their ninth house, so your energy in 2021 will be geared toward learning, writing, and teaching. You may get a project related to writing, or decide to go back to school or take a course in a subject that interests you, namely different cultures and belief systems. 

This year may also feel heavy emotionally, says Bell, but you will also have the opportunity to finally let go of difficult feelings. “You could have unexpected emotions about past events come up or just feel very emotionally up and down. Repressed feelings could come out of nowhere, but you’ll be able to face them,” she says.


Introspective Cancers can expect a year of positive psychological growth. This year, you may want to understand why you are the way you are and how you can change behaviors that aren’t serving you. Now is a good time to start going to therapy or finally pick up that self-help book. You could also want to go deeper in partnerships, like moving in with a significant other, getting vulnerable with someone, or even merging resources with a business partner. Expect expansion in friendships as well, as you’ll have opportunities to diversify your friend group this year.


Twenty twenty-one will be a year of relationship growth for you, Leo. You’re learning how to compromise and consider someone else’s needs, and may even want to commit more deeply to your partner. If you’re single, there’s a potential for strong relationships to come into your life.

“You could also see career changes or want to do something unexpected with work,” says Bell. “You will also need more freedom in the workplace, so finding a way to work on your own or having more freedom at your current job.”


In 2021, you may feel called to improve your physical health or daily routine. This could mean working out more, eating healthier, drinking less, and generally treating your body with more care. You might also take up a new hobby or want to teach yourself something new.

In work, this year is all about playing on your strengths and refining your skills. You may also need to get organized in anticipation of an increased workload.


This year is all about self-love for you, Libra. In 2021, you’ll be developing your self-confidence and leaning into your natural talents. “You’re becoming more confident in the unique skills you have to offer and not comparing yourself to others,” says Bell. “You could also be having sudden transformations to your inner self and might also cut out negative habits or relationships unexpectedly as a result. You’re learning the most from letting go and embracing change in your life.”

Despite restrictions, you can expect to have more of a social life in 2021. Expect to go on dates and be flirtatious, but don’t feel pressured to commit. Self-love will come first for you this year.


If you’ve been considering a big move across the country, Scorpio, now may be the perfect time to take action. Even if you decide to stay put, you might settle into a new home that you love, find a great new roommate, or see your family more. You might also see sudden changes in romantic relationships, whether you meet someone unexpectedly, start dating someone who isn’t your usual type, or just need a bit of space from your current partner.


Twenty twenty-one is a communication-based year for Sagittarians. You want to share your ideas and connect with people, whether that’s through blog posts, podcasts, or  videos. You may also feel called to do more networking this year. 

“You’re also changing up your daily routine or keeping a more unusual schedule, like feeling motivated to work at unusual hours or needing to be able to work on your own terms,” says Bell.


Capricorns can expect an increase in cash flow this year. You may get a raise at work, see your business do well, or have more freelance gigs lined up. If you’ve been wanting to branch out and work for yourself, the energy in 2021 is ripe for making that change. 

You need freedom to be yourself this year, whether it’s in your career, hobbies, or dating. “If someone doesn’t appreciate who you are, move on,” says Bell.


This is your year, Aquarius. Expect to feel like your own person, act more mature, and take on more responsibility in all areas of your life. Others will feel attracted to you and offer you support, but be aware of anyone that drains your energy.  

You could also feel compelled to redecorate your space or change your living situation. You might find yourself getting annoyed with hovering roommates or family members and needing more alone time.


This is a year of solitude and reflection for you, Pisces. “You’re realizing your self-sabotaging behaviors or thought patterns you need to work on changing,” says Bell. “You could also become interested in spiritual practices like meditation, yoga, or community service.”

Uranus is in your third house, so you may find yourself communicating differently or experimenting with getting your ideas across in new ways. You might also be inspired by a diverse array of new subjects and feel a bit scattered as a result.

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