Nominations For L’Officiel Singapore’s Very First Beauty Awards Are Now Open

Got a star product you want our readers to know about? Nominations for L’Officiel’s very first beauty awards for our Nov ‘20 issue are open now.
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From L'Officiel Singapore May 2020 Issue. FLORAL FACES • Photography: Santi Rodríguez / The Blackshooter Studio • Hair & Makeup: Nacho Fernandez / Mister Perez Management • Model: Eva Palma / Uno Models

Each year, with so many beauty product launches, it gets increasingly difficult to sieve through the noise and figure out what you really want as part of your beauty arsenal.

Figuring them out on your own can require time, copious amounts of trial and error, and research. Well, you can do all that, or find out through L’Officiel’s very first Beauty Awards, where our team of experts tell you want, how and why you should buy, and to help great products stand out from the market.

Spanning across 20 broader categories with over 90 winners to be announced, we’ve enlisted the help of some of our beauty industry expert friends to help judge the products: makeup artist Larry YeoDr Teo Wan Lin of TWL Specialist Skin & Laser Centre, local singer Hashy Yusof to co-judge with beauty writer Kimberly Ong, and the editorial team at L'Officiel Singapore!

Each product will be judged on the following criteria based on a total score of 15 points:

 1. Its efficacy; does it do what it claims to do on the bottle description? (15 points)

 2. Its sensorial feel; does it feel, smell and apply good? (5 points) 

To nominate a product(s) , simply key it/them in the form below with the nomination in the following formation under its respective category: Brand_ProductNameInFull. 

Please note that to qualify, each nominated product must be available in a quantity for four with one being sent to each of the judges from 25 to 28 August (the L'Officiel editorial team will rotate internally in a bid towards sustainability).

The final deadline for nominations is 21 August 2020 and the confirmation will be on 24 August 2020. Only shortlisted nominations will be contacted. 

The winner of each category will be confirmed on the 1st of October 2020 and announced in our November 2020 print issue.. Products which have not won will still be featured digitally in a series of web and social posts from the 5th to 9th October, 2020.

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From L'Officiel Singapore July 2020 Issue. IN GOOD HANDS • Photography: Marthe Hennink • Styling: April Jumelet • Nails: Peter Dwars • Model: Sheila Janet

For more information, please email in at with the subject title — L'Officiel Beauty Awards 2020.

Winning brands will be given an option to purchase a 360 sales package that encompasses digital coverage with a customised gif alongside the print coverage.

For advertising enquiries, please email in at and jasper@heart-media with the subject title — L'Officiel Beauty Awards 2020 Advertorial.

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