L'Officiel Beauty Awards 2020: Best Eye Mask

This bespoke eye mask is created to target specific issues so your peepers look bright, fresh and youthful.
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Best Eye Mask - MTM Custom-Blended Eye Mask (S$348)

No two complexions are exactly alike. A combination of genetics, lifestyle habits and the environment creates skin types that are as unique to us as our fingerprints. Which is why the best way to treat your skin woes is to use products tailored to your specific condition – and that’s what the MTM Custom-Blended Eye Mask does. 

The MTM Custom-Blended Eye Mask is a ritual that harmonises the concepts of “selection” and “formation”, consisting of a specially selected Collagen Pad that helps to stimulate collagen repair and regeneration, and a Custom-Blended Eye Expert Essence.

You’ll first select a Collagen Pad that is most suited to your needs. The eye pads are freeze-dried using a patented process and made with precise cut-outs to ensure a face-hugging fit. You can choose between the Collagen Pad OutLine, which is an advanced anti-wrinkle solution, and the Collagen Pad HighLight, which treats dark circles. 

The Collagen Pad OutLine is made with Okra Extract, and treats wrinkles and expression lines by reducing muscle cell contraction. It also strengthens the skin’s natural defenses and fights free radical damage to delay the onset of ageing. To treat dark circles, the Collagen Pad HighLight has Alpha-Arbutin and Licorice Root Extract to control the synthesis of melanin and reduce hyperpigmentation, while also brightening the skin around your peepers. 

After you have selected your preferred Collagen Pad, it’s time to formulate your Custom-Blended Eye Expert Essence. The essence is infused with Prunus Domestica Extract to inhibit the transmission of melanin and prevent the formation of dark circles, Artichoke Leaf Extract to protect against free radical damage and Panax Ginseng Root Extract, which improves cell renewal and helps to remove pigmentation around your eye area.  

On top of these ingredients, MTM will also include a personalised blend of natural herbal-based Custom-Blended extracts into your Custom-Blended Eye Expert Essence to effectively target and repair your specific issues. Used together, you’ll get a bespoke treatment that will address all your skin problems, as well as invigorate and revitalise the delicate eye area. 


Pair It With...

For best results, pair the Eye Mask with the Custom-Blended Essential Defender, which promotes moisture-retention and fortifies the defensive capabilities of your dermis, and the Custom-Blended Overnight Re-Boost Mask, which fends off pollutants from your skin as you sleep, strengthens your skin’s protective barrier and constantly supplies vital nutrients to impaired and undernourished cells. Used together, the trio will transform and strengthen your skin so your complexion will always look and feel its best.


MTM Custom-Blended Eye Mask is priced at $348 for 30ml Custom-Blended Eye Expert Essence and 12 pairs of eye pads and is available at all MTM Skincare outlets.




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