Post-Fashion Week Beauty: Gigi Hadid, Adesuwa, And More Share Their Secrets

Backstage at Michael Kors on New York Fashion Week's last day, the models emphasised confidence, self-care, and experimentation as key to a killer beauty look
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Photography by Andrew Tess

Beauty routines have a prominent place in general, but this is especially true for fashion's top models. Tasked with being the faces to pair with the latest designs, they constantly find themselves in the hair and makeup chair, regularly undergoing transformations for the purpose of aligning with a designer's vision. From the punky updos at Gypsy Sport to the Euphoria-esque colourful eye makeup that has taken so many current runways by storm, models go through a lot every time fashion month rolls around, in a whirlwind of changes that's as exhausting for hair and skin as it is in general.

So it's no wonder that at the end of a whirlwind New York Fashion Week with the European circuit still ahead, top industry talents were emphasising staying true to their own aesthetics when it came to beauty tips. While all the maximalist details and photo-ready finishes are fun while it lasts, models also understand the importance of having a personal look they love for days off or fielding paparazzi in the streets. How they accomplish this varies—some emphasised creams and oils, while others celebrated the power of confidence—but regardless of who you are or whether you've been at fashion week, these tips have staying power both in looking and feeling rejuvenated amidst a busy schedule and in embracing the beauty of individuality. Backstage ahead of Michael Kors' Spring 2020 show, Gigi Hadid, Adesuwa, and more shared their best advice on what's sure to inspire many to pull out that serum this self-care September before embracing an effortless look out in the world, whether for castings or simply another busy day at the office. Read all the tips and see exclusive photos of the models below.

The makeup artist that I work with every day [and I] spend so much time together that we are always coming up with new things. And with Erin Parsons, who I do Maybelline with, we always put some BabyLips moisturiser on, and then take a spoolie (like for eyebrows or lashes) and use it to get dead skin off.


I would say my dad [gave me the best advice]. I think if you’re happy, then [that makes you] sexy, so it works.


Giselle Norman and Cara Taylor

Gisele Norman: My best beauty tip is to use [a base oil] to take off makeup. It comes in a huge pot and you can get it off Amazon. My granny used to walk in fashion, and she said she always used to use it. It just takes everything off rather than using those makeup wipes that make your skin itchy and horrible, and it makes your skin glowy and beautiful. So yeah, Granny, I love you. You’re the best.

Cara Taylor:  Never forget to put lotion on your neck because then when your face looks flawless and your neck is saggy, you don’t want that to happen. Periodt. With a T at the end. 

GN: Also if you go to a small casting and they say “no makeup,” don’t use that much makeup, but put a little bit of BB cream on just to cover little zits. 

CT: Don’t do that!

GN: Shut up, Cara!

CT: You’ll get caught! 

GN: No you won’t!

Callum Stoddart

Just put on some AESOP moisturiser first thing every morning before going about your business, and you’re all good. I heard that from a friend.

Jordan Daniels

The best beauty secret I’ve received is to wear sunscreen every day on your face, your neck, and your hands. I received that advice from my mom; she really taught me that. And my mom and my grandma look great, so I’m going to do that until it stops working. 

Kukua Williams

I actually don’t know. Maybe castor oil for the hair, for the roots. My mom taught me. Always Mom’s word, literally. 

See more exclusive Polaroids below.

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