Off the Grapevine With Vitner's Daughter

Cult beauty brand Vintner’s Daughter continues its quest to provide women everywhere the best nature has to provide
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Vintner’s Daughter’s sole product, a lauded multi-correctional Active Botanical Serum ( (US$183 from Net-a-Porter) containing no fewer than 22 active ingredients, was born of Napa Valley winemaker April Gargiulo’s commitment to sourcing high-quality organic materials. The face oil uses highly antioxidant grape seed oil as a base and comprises 100% actives and 0% toxic ingredients, and promises to addresses problems as diverse as fine lines, acne, discolouration and loss of elasticity.

Gargiulio tells us about the rise and rise of Vintner’s Daughter, and her definition of wellness.

What’s the biggest lesson you learned in the transition from winemaking to skincare? 

Fine winemaking informs everything we stand for at Vintner’s Daughter. I grew up in a family business [Gargiulo Vineyards, which is co-owns] that is dedicated to making one of the finest wines in the world. For us, that means quality is the yardstick by which we measure everything. There is no room for shortcuts from the dirt the grapes grow in, to the barrel our wine is aged in, and the bottle it is poured into. Every step of the process is critical to the outcome. I applied this same uncompromising commitment to quality and process to the development of Vintner’s Daughter. 

You started researching skincare ingredients when pregnant with your daughter, starting you on your path to creating Vintner’s Daughter… 

I would encourage everyone to start reading labels. Most skincare is made from .001% active ingredients and the rest is inexpensive, possibly toxic filler. I created the Active Botanical Serum because I didn’t want to compromise serious results for high quality or safety. I wanted skincare that was 100% active, multi-correctional and made from the very finest ingredients in the world. 

What’s the most interesting response you’ve had so far to the serum? 

We are lucky to receive incredible testimonials daily. The most recent one that sticks in my head is: “I have been using Vintner’s Daughter for three months. Now, people tell me I look 20 years younger. Can you believe a man the same age as my 46-year-old son invited me to dinner thinking I was same age as him?! Thank you!!”

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