Chanel’s Blue Serum is Wellness in a Bottle

Chanel has opted to propose all-over wellness in a bottle rather than scare you with warnings of ageing with its latest Blue Serum.
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Chanel’s take on skincare for the year of 2017 is that of wellness and longevity. To that end, its latest Blue Serum ($160) is inspired by what the brand calls “blue zones” – centenarian hotspots in the world. Places like Japan and the Italian island of Sardinia, for instance, where the life expectancies are high and in which there is the highest concentration of people over 100 years of age.

Blue Serum is inspired by the way of life in these places: diet, exercise and wellness. These tenets prompted the Chanel research team to look for ingredients that contributed the same philosophy of holistic well-being, except applied to the face. The focus was on the good health of skin cells and its ability to adapt to environmental stress. Three key active ingredients from these locales form the backbone of its formula.


Green coffee refers to unroasted coffee beans, and Chanel has taken on the oil from this ingredient because of its high levels of fatty acids, polyphenols and vitamin E. The antioxidants and moisturising properties of these ingredients have a track record of repairing skin, reducing photodamage and visible signs of ageing from sun exposure, and boosting skin’s natural production of collagen and elastin, keeping skin supple.


The antioxidant-rich olives from Sardinia also contain high levels of beneficial fatty acids. It’s no coincidence that two of the ingredients in Chanel’s new serum are chockful of fatty acids good for both diet and skin. On skin, it encourages collagen production for a smoothing benefit. Olives are also a source of vitamin C, which in skin care products is a great brightening and radiance-boosting ingredient. In addition, olives have the benefit of protecting skin against environmental damage from pollutants.


The evergreen Lentisk plant yields an oil that is rich in antioxidants and vitamin E. This makes for a dual benefit of being calming and restoring to skin, aiding in cell regeneration and repair. Rather than focus on combating ageing by taking on fine lines, wrinkles and the like, Chanel has opted instead to focus on ingredients that simply treat skin well and that help it perform at its best. That holistic approach makes the Blue Serum great for all skin types and indeed users of any age.

This story first appeared in L’Officiel Singapore December/January 2017. 

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