Angelina and Brad's Divorce Could Last Another 6 Years

"I think this could become one of the most expensive divorce cases in Hollywood history in terms of legal fees."
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We have been following the divorce of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt and its various twists and turns for almost five years, but if you thought the legal battle was about to end, you were very wrong! Experts in the business reveal that the ex-couple can spend another six years fighting for the custody of their five youngest children and for the division of assets and, most frighteningly, each of them has already spent about US $1 million with the fees of the divorce proceedings.

"I think this could become one of the most expensive divorce cases in Hollywood history in terms of legal fees. It has been going on for over four years now so it's definitely one of the longest celebrity cases we've ever seen,” says attorney Kelly Chang Rickert to the Daily Mail. "I believe Angelina and Brad have already spent over $1million each. They are both employing very reputable attorneys and Angelina has already gone through several."

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Kelly reveals that fee fees can vary between $ 1,000 and $ 1,500 "and I would estimate that these lawyers may be charging 40 or 50 hours a week at times". In addition, she reveals that for the private judge alone the ex-couple may have disbursed around half a million dollars.

Another factor that could increase the divorce rates would be the hiring of experts to testify in the case. The family's lawyer, Joe Spirito, told the publication that accountants and mental health experts or accountants he believes earn about $ 500 an hour.

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But, why could the divorce last so long? Well, according to the lawyer, this happens because according to Kelly "Angelina has the means to continue paying lawyers".

"Her youngest children, twins Knox and Vivienne, are 12 years old, so it could be another six years until they reach the age of 18," he explains. Chang reveals that she has seen cases like this happen, which lasted until her children reached adulthood.

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