Dare To Disrupt: Bryan Tan

These 10 creatives have rocked the boat, challenged expectations, and shaken up the system. Here, we’re given a peek into the daily lives of these disruptors and what continues to drive them.
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Bryan Tan (@xbryantan) is part of the genius curatorial mix behind local multi-label store Surrender that’s responsible for the influx of alternative and street-leaning fashion brands in Singapore. Fans of brands with the like have the young talent to thank for bringing in these brands.

I handle all operations and branding related matters in Surrender. I make sure everything runs smoothly and the family stays cool. 

A lot of the emerging brands are referrals. It’s a blessing that we have friends worldwide and that’s mostly how we curate. It’s a business but it’s also important to have fun. This energy will then transfer to our customers through our merchandise and the experiences we offer. They thus become a part of Surrender too.

I first got introduced to fashion when my dad, being the fashion victim that he is, started buying me Dior Homme jeans back in the early 2000s. Since then, it’s been a channel of expressing who I am and how I feel. And what’s not to like in the business of having to look good everyday?

We are constantly looking for emerging brands. To me it’s an advantage that we’re championing brands even before they widely known and bringing in freshness to Singapore.

I respect designers with concepts that are original.

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