Louis Vuitton Men's Spring/Summer 2018

The summer spirit is alive and well, with island-hopping on the itinerary for Louis Vuitton S/S '18
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"Visual communication does not enforce the individual’s opinions on its readers, it allows some room for imagination and the provocation of thought." MARGARET ZHANG
365, Prada Spring/Summer 2019 Womenswear Advertising Campaign - Double Exposure

Pat McGrath Labs will launch online at Sephora.sg on 6 December before hitting the Sephora store shelves in the first quarter of 2019.

Scroll down to check out some of the products you can look forward to adding to your Christmas wishlist.


897258_in_pp.jpgF. Grained calfskin bag, DIOR, price not available.jpgC. Leather boots, VALENTINO, SGD <XXX>.jpgJ. Snakeskin Lauren clutch, BOTTEGA VENETA, SGD <XXX>.jpgA. Patent leather shoes with pearls, GUCCI, SGD <XXX>.jpgE. Pearl earrings, GUCCI, SGD <XXX>.jpgD. Straw hat, GUCCI, SGD <XXX>.jpg

“Glamour is more important than bread and meat... Perhaps this sounds foolish because as my old cook has pointed out you can’t live on glamour. But without glamour I would not want to live.” – Lily Daché, designer

The Storyboard

Director Glen Luchford captures a day in the lives of Gucci Guilty’s carefree, offbeat couple. Against the lush cityscape of Los Angeles featuring the essence of Americana with scenes in a motel, car, laundromat, beauty salon, supermarket and diner, the adventure showcases the protagonists’ bohemian tendencies in living their lives outside of social conformism, while evoking playfulness and a sweet sense of nostalgia.

Topping off the cinematic backdrop are iconic Hollywood landmarks such as the famed Hollywood Forever Cemetery, replete with verdant grounds and ostentatious tombstones, and which also gives the campaign its #ForeverGuilty moniker. Last but not least in true Gucci fashion, the surreal appearance of an assorted menagerie—a tiger, ostrich and snake—adds a quirkily charming effect.

Patties & Wiches (#03-10A)


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