The Best Home Exercise Programmes To Try When You're Stuck At Home

If you're currently working from home, these virtual fitness classes will help you stay on track without having to venture outside
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It’s the end of the workday, you’re exhausted, and your gym bag, which you thoughtfully packed this morning, is now taunting you. Sound familiar? Switching to a home exercise programme could be your solution to the daily pull between sweating it out at the gym or lounging in your sweats at home. It's even more helpful at times when you're working from home (like now), allowing you to accomplish your workout routine without having to go outside.

The art of the home exercise programmes has come a long way, and popular boutique studios are now offering digital subscriptions to studio devotees and exercise novices alike. Whether you are looking to wind down in the evenings with a yoga flow or get in a sweat session while your laundry is in the dryer, there’s a home workout out there that fits your goals.


Sky Ting TV

Brought to you by the yoga studio of choice for chic (and stressed) New Yorkers, Sky Ting TV offers yoga flows for all skill levels, ranging from five-minute sun salutations to hour-long detox classes. The videos are shot in a sun-drenched studio replete with lush greenery, bringing the zen atmosphere of Sky Ting’s downtown Manhattan location right to your living room.

$20 per month with 7-day free trial



LEKFIT Digital

Celebrity fitness instructor Lauren E. Kleban’s LEKFIT has quickly become a favourite among celebrities like Busy Phillipps, Kate Beckinsale, and Emmy Rossum. Experience LEKFIT’s signature combo of fat-burning cardio and muscle-toning moves without heading to the LA studio through LEKFIT Digital, where four new workouts are released each week, including a series for those traveling with no equipment and minimal space. 

$20 per month with 7-day free trial.




If you’ve ever wished you had a personal trainer built into your phone, Openfit is about as close as it gets. The app offers a range of programmes, from strength training to HIIT to treadmill workouts, plus a full meal plan complete with recipes and shopping lists. If you’ve previously been a studio class, Openfit features live classes led by trainers, who are there to offer feedback and keep you accountable, in addition to on-demand classes.

$39 per quarter with 14-day free trial



Tracy Anderson Online Studio

Tracy Anderson’s unique method has earned her devoted clients like Gwyneth Paltrow, Tracee Ellis Ross, and Jennifer Lopez, in addition to a worldwide cult following. Each week, Tracy releases workouts for subscribers at beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels. The moves might feel strange if you’re used to a more traditional home exercise programme, but if it works for J.Lo, it works for us.

$90 per month or $808 per year with 14-day free trial

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