Tatiana Ramus: Colours Live Inside Me

Designer or artist? Painting or design? And does it really matter? The bold works of Tatiana Ramus endlessly go beyond the framework of traditions, find new meanings, transform the space and life around.
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When the Power of Creativity pulsates inside, it will inevitably manifest itself. In some, it only stretches lazily, while others use its full potential to make the world a better place. Tatiana is that happy occasion when the Power of Creativity is enhanced by female energy. Tatiana Ramus has brightly proved herself as a journalist and author of media projects. But the ability to see the world through the prism of art determined her future.

"Everything I do is not about fashion, but about the inner state"

The ability to layer knowledge, skills, culture and the artist's innate boldness provides a powerful impetus. “Dresses” was the name of the first collection of works. A bold manifestation in the spirit of fashion art, where illustrations similar to the sketches of a fashion designer became the object. Critics were amazed at the courage and admired the aesthetics of femininity, and the woman, with her depth and versatility of nature, became iconic for Tatiana's work. The “Dresses” collection was transformed into prints on textiles to represent Ukraine and Tatiana Ramus at the Art Basel exhibition in Switzerland. The art object from the canvases has become part of the fashion brand's concept and an acute trend.

Experiments with art textiles gave life to a new concept: Tatiana Rasmus launched a clothing line. The ARTRAMUS brand reflects the complete wardrobe of a modern woman: free from stereotypes, full, playful, affectionate, strong, mysterious - different. Today the brand has expanded to include men's and children's lines.

ARTRAMUS symbolism is a cat. She is on the recognizable logo and in the characteristic décor of fabrics. Tatiana Ramus is sure "A woman is like a cat,". Her cat-woman is independent and open to everything new.

“For me, a woman in the ARTRAMUS style is a woman who travels and collects impressions: today she is in New York, tomorrow in Paris, the day after tomorrow in Kiev.”
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Tatiana's ability to feel and transform impressions and thoughts into new things allows her to build creative spaces around her. She acts as a designer-decorator in collaborations around the world. Many popular institutions and creative spaces of Ukraine with quirky, bright, distinctive interiors owe to the talent of Tatiana Ramus.

Her own project of the ArtRamus space has become a cult for Kyiv. A multifunctional platform where an art gallery, a show room, a cafe, a bar and a creative club harmoniously coexist. The bohemian pre-party establishment has become a real event in the cultural life of the capital and continues to gather surprisingly talented and unusual people inside. Here you can meet musicians, photographers, bloggers, actors, restaurateurs, writers, politicians ...

The list is endless and varied. Being in ArtRamus means leading a modern, slightly bohemian lifestyle, absorbing the beauty, opening up to the new, strange, enjoying your uniqueness. ArtRamus organizes poetry evenings, exhibitions, fashion shows, but the most important art object is the interior created by Tatiana Ramus herself.

"The colours used in the interior live inside me."

The creative energy of the designer and the artist could not create mediocrity. A single concept of creative space harmoniously combines zones of different functional purposes. In the bright central hall of the boutique, clothes on hangers seem like tropical birds - silk tunics, evening dresses, accessories ... The space of the cafe is muted, languid for slow conversations about travel and literature. Designer cat lights are unifying elements that remind you that it's all one story.

1620802485116177 artramus 003

“Multicoloured cats peeking out from behind tropical leaves are our true emotions, these are the moods of dreaminess and love.”

The gallery corridor ends with the signature cat head masks. They purr against the velvet curtains, drawing attention to the scene. It is difficult to capture the eclectic mood of the interior, to try to define the concept or tie it to some place.

“I was thinking about the whole planet. The land is very beautiful. And I thought about travelling - this is my passion.”

There were no establishments of such a format in Ukraine before. European capitals, where Tatyana often visited, are known for its courage in creating unique creative spaces with the craziest ideas. Tatyana looked, felt, absorbed, dreamed ... The project was supposed to be born one day, but in Tatyana's embodiment it became a space that awakens a creative sense of peace in everyone.

1620802510846951 andy0237

Today Tatiana Ramus is one of the most interesting and recognizable characters in the field of art and design. ARTRAMUS collections participate in Fashion Weeks in Monaco and other countries, used for filming L’Officiel and Vogue. Product design from ARTRAMUS can be found in hotels, homes, restaurants around the world. Tatiana Ramus prints adorn tablecloths and dishes, yachts and planes, handbags and dresses ... And in 2017, Tatiana Ramus was awarded the Fondazione Mazzoleni Prize. Her brand, her name, her personality - this is, without exaggeration, an entire empire!

1620802538814498 artramus 0071620802538803860 artramus 013

“I always know very clearly what I want, I set goals and work a lot on the implementation of everything that has been planned,” Tatiana notes. “Of course, in all my endeavours and plans, my family and my relatives support me. And of course - a close-knit friendly team.”

When an unusual and creative person unites other talented people around him, the world changes for the better. And that's great!

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