4 Fashion Trends That Are Also Perfect for Your Sanctuary

These famous fashion design elements are taking over in interior design.
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Over the past year, much of our attention has been occupied by the spaces we've been confined to — our homes — so it makes sense that these spaces would take on our personal style. With trends like puffy, quilted accessories and checkerboard print being carried into interior design with bubble couches and patterned rugs, there is a seamless dialoge between our fashion and our homes. Likewise, our current obsession with postmodern decor has no doubt had an influence on the funky, colorful jewelry and accessories that have been spotted on fashion girls and influencers.

Take a look at the top four trends that our interiors and wardrobes can't get enough of.


1620722290726184 quilt 1 copy1620722290979288 quilt 2 copy
Left: Mario Bellini's Camaleonda Ottoman. Photo: @vikyandthekid. Right: Maison Margiela Quilted Bag. Photo: @maisonmargiela.
1620722291249606 quilt 3 copy1620722291540694 quilt 4 copy
Right: Bottega Veneta Quilted Mules. Photo: @camilacoelho. Left: Mario Bellini's Camaleonda Sofa. Photo: @hoskelsa.
1620722291840314 quilt 5 copy1620722292175264 quilt 6 copy
Left: Ligne Roset Togo Sofa. Photo: @kategelinsky. Right: H&M Quilted Sandals. Photo: @slipintostyle.

After all of the comfort dressing of the past year, plush details have infiltrated our homes and wardrobes, bringing that same cozy feeling. From puffy sandals to quilted handbags, padded elements in fashion mirror the same effect that interior favorites like the Mario Bellini bubble-like Camaleonda couch or the Ligne Roset Togo sofa.

Curvy Lines

1620722292439928 curve 1 copy1620722292726671 curve 2 copy
Left: Lotta Blobs mirror. Photo: @lottablobs. Right: Rings by Bea Bongiasca. Photo: @beabongiasca.
1620722292997616 curve 3 copy1620722293241520 curve 4 copy
Left: Eileen Dress by Cut Gaia. Photo: @cultgaia. Right: Ultrafragola Mirror by Ettore Sottsass. Photo: @ninasandbech.
1620722293526837 curve 5 copy1620722293767199 curve 6 copy
Left: Gustaf Westman's Curvy Mirror. Photo: @linneklund. Right: 2 Tone Asymmetrical Flower Power Earrings by Bea Bongiasca.

From scalloped hems to curvy earrings, fashion is riding the wave—and so is interior design. Influencers can't get enough of curvy mirrors, like the ultra-popular Ultrafragola or the similarly wavy style by Gustaf Westman. Twisted and curved details have been especially popular among jewelry designers like Bea Bongiasca and Sofia Elias of Blobb.


1620722294022074 check 1 copy1620722294327389 check 2 copy
Left: Checkboard rug by Benisouk. Photo: @candycoloredhome. Right: Checkerboard bag and shoes by Paloma Wool. Photo: @palomawool.
1620722294619232 check 3 copy1620722294895242 check 4 copy
Left: Rotate Birger Christensen dress. Photo: @_jeanettemadsen_. Right: Ceramics by Sofia de Moser Leitão. Photo: @sophiemlceramica.
1620722295184691 check 5 copy1620722295460092 check 6 copy
Left: Alyssa Coscarelli's dining room. Photo: @alyssainthecity.

Call it The Queen's Gambit effect, checkerboard prints are abound in everything from handmade ceramics to your favorite mules. Whether the classic black and white, or a more psychelic version, the two-tone box print gives just the right amount of graphic impact on your body or in your home.


1620722295771515 bou 1 copy1620722296058365 bou 2 copy
Left: Fried Egg chair by Warm Nordic. Photo: @warmnordic. Right: Toteme knit by Anouk Yve. Photo: @tylynnnguyen.
1620363019097280 bou 3 copy1620363019120166 bou 4 copy
Left: Sandy Liang fleece. Photo: @sandyliang. Right: Gwyneth Loveseat by CB2. Photo: @cb2.
1620363044523133 bou 5 copy1620363044545682 bou 6 copy
Left: MP 41 Brazilian Percival Lafer. Photo: @renewfinds. Right: Ugg x Telfar bag. Photo: @ugg

While it's been popular in fashion for a while, bouclé has recently become a go-to upholstery fabric, too. Its plush, soft texture lends itself to a cozy feeling whether in the interior or worn as outerwear. From a zip-up by fleece queen Sandy Liang to vintage Italian seating, you can't go wrong with this cloud-like material.

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