One Night in November

by Kenny Loh
How well does the iPhone 7’s camera perform in low light? Apple gathered a team of photographers around the world to find out.
Apple’s newest #ShotoniPhone campaign entitled One Night on iPhone 7 features Singaporean photographer Mathieu Beth Tan (@redwashed).
Elsa Bleda captured the energy, color and life of Johannesburg, South Africa.
Eason Hsiung focused on the late night culture of Taipei.
Reuben Wu travelled from Chicago to the volcanos of Indonesia.
The beauty of neon lights captured by Arif Jawad.
Ruairidh McGlynn journeyed by dogsled through Iceland, stopping for a break in this ice cave.
Jennifer Bin sought to show a different perspective of Shanghai.

On November 5 last year, Apple pounded pavements and assembled a team of photographers around the world to put the iPhone 7’s photo-taking capabilities to the test. The catch? They were only allowed to shoot from dusk to dawn (read: low light conditions).

The results, which have gone up on billboards in 25 countries as the latest chapter in the Cupertino Company’s #ShotoniPhone campaign, are incredibly stunning. Arctic ice caves, Indonesian volcanoes, neon lights of Johannesburg nightclubs and Shanghai streets appear to come alive in the most vivid of colours, thanks to a large ƒ/1.8 aperture that allows more light onto the camera sensor, and optical image stabilisation to reduce blur associated with motion and handshake (fun fact: a built-in sensor helps the lens counteract even the tiniest movement).

Amid this year’s line-up of contemporary photographers (they include Eason Hsiung, Elsa Bleda and Reuben Wu) is Singaporean Mathieu Beth Tan, an art photography enthusiast who has translated his love of fireworks and bright candles into a mesmerising image of a friend holding onto an incandescent sparkler.

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