Naomi Campbell Shares Her Daily Quarantine Exercise Routine

Naomi is sharing with her followers her live daily workouts with her celebrity trainer.
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As the world adapts to a new lifestyle in the era of the global pandemic, Naomi Campbell kills time in the best possible way: by maintaining a healthy lifestyle through an intense sports routine.

Since the start of the outbreak, the top model has spoken on Instagram on numerous occasions, noting on the importance of washing your hands and protecting yourself by any means possible against the virus. Now, accompanied by her personal coach Joe Holder, the top model has invited her subscribers follow her sports routine daily via live sessions shared on Instagram. " With all that was going on, she wanted to keep exercising and had the idea of involving other people, showing the hard work she does every day so as to create a space of joy and community, "says Joe Holder.

The opportunity in particular to discover the secrets behind the incredibly sculpted legs of the supermodel, but also to stay in shape, while social distancing, certainly gives us something to look forward to! Find out how to get sculpted legs from Naomi Campbell in four easy steps.


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1. Start by stretching your legs with a foam roller.



2. Increase your heart rate with a warm-up cardio exercises, alternating between faster and slower rhythms for at least 10 minutes.



3. Activate your glutes with exercises such as raised one-legged side planks



4. Build more resistance in your muscle through strength training. The trick here is to take on small weights while working on your squats.



Previously, Naomi, a known germaphobe, took to instagram to show her quarantine outfit at the airport.

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