Kering Foundation Launches Campaign Against Cyberbullying

The luxury group commits to raising awareness of violence against women, especially online.
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On November 25, a day dedicated to eliminating violence against women, the Kering Group and its charitable foundation will launch the annual White Ribbon For Women campaign.

November is a month dedicated to the sensitisation of the violence made against women and this year marks the tenth anniversary of the Kering Foundation, which has led the Kering Group to launch a double initiative to raise awareness for this cause.

The first is targeted towards the generation Z born in the heart of the Internet and social networks. Kering wants to focus its efforts on tackling cyber-harassment with its hashtag #IDontSpeakHater to educate the young against inappropriate comments, abusive insults and incitement to hatred that often pollute social networks, despite many actions already put in place by giants like Facebook and Twitter.

To accompany this campaign, the brands belonging to the Kering Group will also join hands to support the cause, where 10 percent of sales from selected items from fashion brands Gucci, Balenciaga or Saint Laurent will be donated to the Kering Foundation's associative projects.

More information on the Kering Foundation and its #IDontSpeakHater campaign is available here.

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