The It Factor: Christina Paik

The New York- and Paris-based photographer, artist and globetrotter @christinapaik has everything it takes to make it in the realm of cool

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What makes a person cool? For Christina Paik (@christinapaik), it’s her lengthy résumé that includes involvement in several Off-White campaigns, major photography gigs (we’re talking Adidas and Reebok here) and collaborations with Louis Vuitton. Off work, she moves in the same circles as Virgil Abloh (Off-White’s creative mastermind) and hangs out with Drake’s OVO crew, all the while looking impeccably street. Recently in town to showcase a photography exhibition entitled Meufs at the Surrender store on Orchard Road, Paik takes time off her hectic schedule to answer our round of quick-fire questions. 

Do you think of yourself as a photographer or an artist?

I am a photographer – but that makes me an artist, no?

Your favourite subject to photograph?

People. I moved a lot growing up so I learned that people come and go. Having them as my subjects is important to me, because I might never see them again.

Your favourite project? 

I enjoy working with Virgil Abloh, who is the creative director of Off-White. We were friends before we started working together; we have an easy-going relationship. 

You’re dressed by Louis Vuitton for events and you’re also big on streetwear. What’s your take on the current high-low mix?
Streetwear used to be something of a sub-culture, and with Louis Vuitton doing a Supreme collaboration, it opened streetwear to the mainstream. It is trending now and you see people wearing brands that have been around for decades. I’ve always worn streetwear brands, sneakers, or sweats to shows during Paris Fashion Week. People always comment, “How do they let you into the show dressed like that?” If you look at street style now, everybody is wearing sneakers and Supreme. 

Who do you miss most while travelling? 
My dog.

Favourite city? 

Something you can’t live without? 
Lighter. Thank goodness it’s my business card. 

A photographer you admire?
Richard Avedon.

What's next?
I’ve been shooting with Virgil Abloh since he started Off-White. We’re working on a book with unreleased images from backstage, casting and fittings at his Paris Fashion Week show.  

What are you listening to right now?
OVO Radio.

Your girl crush? 
Rose Bertram.



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