Here’s Where You Can Shop For Stylish Planters Locally For Your Own Indoor Garden Oasis

To all aspiring plant parents out there, don’t go without considering these pretty planters and pots to shop from in Singapore to keep your plants in
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Plants do a great deal more than making an apartment look alive and pretty. They also help to purify the air, and make your space look more welcoming. And you don’t need a lot of space, outdoor or otherwise, to start. As long as you have a window to let some sunlight in, you can have plants! Just be sure to practice mindful watering.

Choosing the right seed and soil is only one part of the process. The fun part is picking the ideal planter or pot. First,do some research into what your plant baby wants in a home, such as how shallow the soil is, amount of water, and depth, before picking one. Pro tip? Be sure to get a planter or pot that is the same size or a few cms larger than the plant. Over time, plants should be repotted, but growing in size is a gradual process.

If you’re looking for places to shop for some stylish planters, you’re in luck. Ahead, we list some of the local stores for planters that will spice up even the most mundane of spaces.

Mud Rock Ceramics 

If it’s beautiful, handcrafted ceramic pieces you’re after, this is the place for you. The ceramic wares from this 100% hand-made ceramics studio are also found in numerous hipster cafes and restaurants around Singapore.

To purchase, you need to make an appointment via email or phone, as they are unable to receive impromptu walk-in customers as they are often making or teaching pottery.

Find out more here.


From terrazzo cubes, quirky cartoon cement pots, to basket weaves, and macrame hangers, Tumbleweed offers a wide and stylish range of planters for your plants. The local independent plants business stands out for their knowledge in both indoor plants and plant design,and stock both trending houseplants and display pieces sourced from independent craftspeople worldwide. 

You can drop by their store in Tiong Bahru to get a full glimpse of their range by appointment only, or shop online with them. Delivery comes at $10 or free with purchases of $99 or more, and are dispatched within 1-3 working days. Find out more here.

The Botanist and Her Thieves

This local store was started by 4 friends who bonded over their love for plants. Their stylish pots and planters are curated for indoor decor spaces, ranging from beautiful hues to modern linear planters. 

Available for sale online and instore at Motherdough Bakery.

Candy Floriculture

Apart from selling plants and flowers, Candy Floriculture has got a decent range of planters. From terracotta, decorative design pots, to staircase plant display stands, there is sure to be something for everyone.

They are located at 567 Thomson Road Singapore 298183 and currently open for walk-ins and delivery. Find out more here.

Rabbit Island 

Selling plants, planters and gardening accessories, Rabbit Island is Singapore’s largest succulent importer and are attuned to urban growing needs, holding a unique range of planters, from dinosaur-shaped, to stylish hanging pots. 

For now, Rabbit Island only accepts online orders, with delivery ranging from $10-$30, and complimentary delivery for orders above $120. Find out more here.

Potta Plantta

This local store brings in a curation of artisanal handcrafted planters, from adorable handmade planters in the shape of faces, to self-watering pots that are sure to beautify any home environment. 

For now, the store only accepts online orders, with delivery that comes at $10, with a minimum order of $50, and free for orders above $120. Find out more here.

Potto Potto

Potto Potto sources planters from all around the world in small batches. They also donate 10% of their sale proceeds each month to a conservation or environmental organisation of choice.

Currently, they accept self collection and delivery at $5 islandwide. Find out more here.

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