Choo Yilin X YTL Hotels: Have A Vintage Honeymoon With An Southeast Asian Touch

Singaporean jewellery label Choo Yilin teams up with YTL Hotels and Eastern & Oriental Express for a vintage capsule collection.
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Marking their 3rd collaboration with Singaporean designers, YTL Hotels' The Majestic Hotel Kuala Lumpur and the Eastern & Oriental (E&O) Express have collaborated with Singaporean jewellery brand Choo Yilin to bring a new vintage-inspired capsule collection - "A Vintage Honeymoon". 

The collection was made to fit the art deco spaces found in The Majestic Hotel KL and the E&O Express - both of which bring a Southeast Asian touch to their vintage spaces. The Majestic Hotel KL's 'The Cigar Room' and 'The Drawing Room' take after the colonial time in Southeast Asia, while the 'Majestic Wing' gives a unique Malaysian twist to the typical English Afternoon Tea. Meanwhile, the E&O Express showcases luxury cabins modelled after the early historic Europian era, with the cabin interiors showcasing Jim Thompson's Thai Silk, and menus with a touch of Southeast Asian flavours. 

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Singaporean jewellery brand, Choo Yilin's the new capsule collection features popular 1930s sautoir and seed pearl halo designs, with beautiful Southeast Asian elements. Featuring a ring, a pair of convertible earrings and 2 necklaces, the collection's Asian touch come from the use of Type A Jadeite. Freshwater Pearls, 9KT Rose Gold and White Gold are also used for these luxurious pieces, all of which feature the Choo Yilin logo and 375 Stamp. 

While the sautoir necklaces of the past featured pearls, the necklaces in this collection come in both Freshwater Pearl and Jade variations, both featuring a Choo Yilin Signature motif.19 6 to 6.5mm jadeite pearls make up the jade long necklace, while 19 8 to 8.5mm pearls make up the freshwater pearl long necklace. The 9KT Rose Gold earrings are made from a mix of both jade and pearls, with an icy jade cabochon centrepiece and detachable dangling freshwater pearls (8 to 8.5mm), while the Jade Ring also bears an icy jade cabochon centrepiece encircled by a halo of diamonds and freshwater seed pearls (a popular design in the 19th century). 

Take a look at the new capsule collection in the video below: 

The capsule collection will be launched at the Choo Yilin Flagship Boutique in Mandarin Gallery (#02-23) Singapore and on on 4 September. 



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