3 Reasons To Have Lunch At ALMA by Juan Amador

Recently awarded with a Michelin Star, Alma by Juan Amador released a new set lunch menu, created by new Executive Chef Haikal Johari.
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You might be having a busy week. But if you need something to cheer you up or a nice way to transform a business lunch into a delicious gastronomical experience, we suggest a visit to Alma by Juan Amador. Here is why:

1. The new Singaporean chef

Haikal Johari is no amateur: the recently appointed Singaporean Executive Chef has worked with many Michelin-starred restaurants, including Joel Robuchon, Amador and Shinomura, contributing to their success. Recently acclaimed as Executive Chef of Water Library group in Thailand, he joined Alma earlier this year, adding a delicate Asian twist to the restaurant famous for its European cuisine.

Haikal Johari, new Executive Chef of Alma

2. It's brand new Michelin Star

Alma, among other gems, was rewarded with 1 star at the inaugural 2016 Michelin Guide Singapore. Johari and his team now aim to retain it. “Since Day One, Alma by Juan Amador’s goal is to maintain its high standards so that our customers are satisfied and happy, and return because of the excellence they have experienced. The Michelin Star is but icing on the cake for the team; if anything, I think it pushes us to be better as a restaurant and as a team. One of the hallmarks of a Michelin Star is consistency, and we have displayed that since our opening a year ago, and will continue to uphold, and exceed our already high standards,” declared Johari.

3. The lunch menu (obviously)

No surprise here, but the main reason you should have lunch at Alma is without a doubt the food.

It released a new 3-course Executive Set Lunch Menu in August (Wednesdays to Fridays, 12pm to 2.30pm), including various delicious options, as the foie-gras & Langoustine Onion Soup and the Bottarga Pasta. Some distinctive Asian influences are perfectly combined with European flavours: this is what you can expect for $39++.

But wait. There is another reason we just had to add…

4. The à-la-carte dessert list.

No need to say much, we let you be the judge on that one.

ALMA, Goodwood Park Hotel, 22 Scotts Road, Singapore 228221



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