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Van Cleef & Arpel's Stunning Alhambra Guilloché Collection

The House showcases their famous Alhambra motif and guilloché techniques within this new collection.
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Van Cleef & Arpels presents a shining new Alhambra collection - the Alhambra Guilloché. This collection consists of a necklace, bracelet and pendant, all of which bear guilloché yellow gold motifs that were first seen in the 2018 collection. This time, the motifs are mixed with diamond-paved ones. The guilloché technique is one that originates from the 1500s, and is one that gives volume and emphasizes on the shine of gold, through the embellishment of lines on the surface. It has been used by the brand since the 1910s. Check the pieces out below:

The Alhambra motif, the Maison's famous four-leaf clover-inspired design that came about in 1968, in line with Van Cleef & Arpel's belief in luck, are framed with beaded contours and topped off with a gold bead in its centre. The beaded frame is first reworked by master jewellers, after which the prongs - that are made round to add softness - are bent to hold the motif in its place. Lastly, the pieces are polished, completing a process of over 15 steps.

As with all the precious gems and diamonds that Van Cleef & Arpels uses, the pearls have also been selected with care, deriving primarily from the Australian seas. They are also naturally produced inside the seashells itself and feature a golden tone with changing overtones. 

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The collection also includes 2 Sweet Alhambra watches, both of which also shine brilliantly like the other pieces in the collection. The first model offered features a bright dial showcasing the guilloché technique, with interchangeable alligator straps.

1565927045771115 vcaro8wt00 sweet alhambra face van cleef arpels 1819145
Sweet Alhambra watch Guilloché yellow gold, interchangeable alligator strap, quartz movement

A jewellery watch that shines with its components - a mix of gold, diamonds and mother-of-pearl. This bracelet is made of alternating motifs that surround its gold dial. The different materials add dimension to the piece- with the mother-of-pearl's golden hues and reflections, the guilloché's reflections off its embellished surface and the diamond's shine. 

1565927623563649 vcaro8ww00 sweet alhambra face van cleef arpels cle ment rousset 1852197
Sweet Alhambra watch Guilloché yellow gold, diamonds, gold mother-of-pearl, quartz movement


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