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Louis Vuitton Forges Destiny: Riders Of The Knights Collection

Paying tribute to the medieval heroines of old, who transcended limitations and forged their own destinies.
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Louis Vuitton's latest jewellery collection celebrates the spirit of medieval heroines- one that is both independent and determined, perfectly embodying the values of the Louis Vuitton woman.  Achieving an aesthetic taken from medieval codes of chivalry and heraldic crests, the Riders of the Knights collection already has fifty pieces in the line and the house intends to expand the collection with another 50 pieces in due course, all bearing precious gems and diamonds. 

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The Royaume has a beautiful, refined royal blue sapphire set against a diamond mesh, made with about 1,600 of those precious gems. This necklace is inspired by the gorget- a specific piece of armour designed to protect the throat, and stands out with its exquisite enamelling, as well as how it drapes against the skin. 

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The Reine necklace bears nine dazzling aquamarines mounted on a pavé chainset with of diamonds, evoking the magnificence of sovereignty and exuding the confidence of its namesake, The Queen. 

Check out more of the collection below: 

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