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Leonori Jewellery: Between Art, Design and Tradition

Famed for its artistic heritage, the Italian fine jeweller will bring its iconic creations to Singapore Rendezvous 2017
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It has been an incredible journey for Leonori thus far. It all began when a young man from Parma dreamed of creating the world's most beautiful jewels. 55 years and three generations of jewellers later, the Italian design house is now synonymous with excellence in high jewellery – combining a rich artistic heritage and technical mastery in each and every one of its creations.


The hallmarks of Leonori are easy to detect: bold yet unique designs, an unabashed passion for colours and the rarest precious gems such as emeralds, sapphires and rubies gems at the heart of each jewelry piece. These are the defining facets founder Agostino Leonori passed down to the next generation of goldsmiths, designers, and gemologists who share his passion and appreciation for the craft.

"The love for jewellery and art, the creativity and the manual skill are part of my genetics. My father passed down it to me and I have also passed down the passion for this craft to my daughters." – Cesare Leonori, CEO of Leonori

Savoir Faire

The house of Leonori is among the few who can proudly attest to its Italian roots; from start to finish, each jewellery piece honours traditional craftsmanship by harnessing the technical skills typical of those used by Italian craftsmen in the past. After sourcing the rarest gems from all around the world, the jewellery creation begins with a sketch (schizzo), followed by a detailed drawing (disegno) that depicts the stones' measurements. Using the manual skills and creativity of the jeweler, the next stage involves creating the structure in precious metal (creazione). Finally, the setter positions the precious stones with detailed precision before the jewel is polished and rhodium-plated to enhance all its brilliance. The end result is an unmistakably unique masterpiece to be passed down from one generation to the next.

Following its well-received Southeast Asian debut at Singapore International Jewelry Expo, Leonori will bring its iconic fine jewellery creations to the highly-anticipated Singapore Rendezvous 2017. Taking place from 5 to 8 October, the showcase event brings together the biggest names in yachts, super cars, property, and luxury lifestyle under one roof. At Singapore Rendezvous 2017, guests will have the opportunity to check out Leonori's dazzling collections ranging from magificent rings to statement statement rings and necklaces that'll appeal to fine jewellery lovers of all ages.



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