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Harry Winston's New High Jewellery Timepieces are the Perfect Summertime Indulgence

We take a look at Harry Winston's dramatic, red-carpet ready watches — and explore the history of the jeweller's love affair with the colour blue.
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Illustration by Adelynn Wong.

Like a bolt from the blue, Harry Winston introduces several new versions of their dazzling high jewellery timepieces. These new editions were inspired by varying shades of the ocean and the sky: Here, that summer vibe manifests itself through an array of blue sapphires, Paraiba colour tourmalines, and of course, incredible diamonds.

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First up are four new additions to the Ultimate Emerald Signature line: Two Blue Sapphire models, and two Tourmaline models, which are crowned with an emerald-cut blue sapphire or an emerald-cut Paraiba tourmaline respectively.

These impressive watches are topped with an emerald-shaped case that's inspired by a pyramid, what with its cascading tiers of diamonds and gemstones: Swivel the case away and you'll reveal a stunning diamond pavé watch dial.

The watch is given an added layer of drama with a halo of 24 marquise-cut diamonds that surround the octagonal case, giving it the illusion of movement, of being suspended in mid-air.

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The differences between the four models is subtle: They come in either an all-diamond case, or a case that's set with both diamonds and a medley of sapphires or tourmalines.

The stones on each watch are set by hand, taking about 100 hours to complete. As always, the new timepieces are wonderfully versatile: They can be worn as a watch on sleek satin or silk straps, as a pendant, or as a classy brooch.

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For those who prefer a more subtle look, the Emerald Signature line also brings with it two new additions in light and dark sapphires.

Both models feature that same pyramid-like case. Here, the two models come with an iridescent white mother-of-pearl dial, a perfect complement to the gradient of brilliant-cut blue sapphires that surround the hidden watch face.

Blue has long been the signature colour of Harry Winston, especially after its founder acquired the famed Hope Diamond in 1949 — a 45.52 carat blue diamond whose ownership records date back almost four centuries.

Beyond the mind-boggling number of diamonds and gemstones on each piece (each watch comes with an average of 400 stones), what makes the watches so exceptional is their use of Harry Winston's beloved emerald cut.



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