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Cactus: Cartier's Rebellious Asset

Embodied by the feline beauty of top Italian model Mariacarla Boscono, Cartier's new Cactus line seduces with its singularity and nonconformity. From the mobile ring to the evening bag, the legendary jewellery Maison unveils an audacious collection.

Pushing the codes of haute joaillerie while remaining true to its history is what Cartier aspires to do. By choosing the Cactus flower as the guiding thread of its new collection, Cartier seems to materialize the multiple facets of femininity - able to resist the heart of hostile environments, these fascinating plants, which are exclusively admired by the eyes, wait until night to to cover themslves with flowers. This duality represents the multi-faceted woman of today. To embody this quirkiness, the Maison has chosen the model Mariacarla Boscono to perfectly portray this particular woman in a Dada context that breaks the usual codes of a luxury film. One more way to position Cartier's Cactus collection as an ultra-chic underdog.

Get Noticed with Cactus de Cartier - L'Officiel Singapore



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