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Welcome To The House Of Harry Styles

Below, we reveal every look from our latest L'Officiel Hommes cover shoot, which proves why the musician is an icon in many ways
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Photography by Daniyel Lowden

Styling by Harry Lambert

All clothing Gucci

As we proclaimed in our latest L'Officiel Hommes cover story, Harry Styles is a veritable global icon who has become the perfect face to usher in a new decade. After getting his start achieving worldwide fame alongside the rest of One Direction, the musician and Gucci Mémoire d'une Odeur muse has made a name for himself with his nostalgic rock sounds, and even with his legions of fans, he remains down-to-earth and promotes a message of individualism and inclusion. Styles has never captivated the world more, and with Fine Line dropping on December 13, he's about to hit another level just in time for the new year.

The true magic of it all is that even with what's certain to be detail-oriented efforts behind the scenes to bring the world his hit albums, showstopping performances, and visits to shows like SNL that never fail to impress, Styles makes it all look effortless. The musician's, well, style plays no small part in that, pushing gender boundaries and embracing the perfect degree of eccentricity to match that of videos like Lights Up, which got everyone talking with its allusions to sexual fluidity, magic mushrooms, and above all, a pure euphoria (no, we're not talking the HBO show this time) that was palpable around the world.

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Gucci / Disney X Gucci © Disney

Thus, it makes sense that after years of making a name for himself as a style icon, be it through long hair, silky shirts, or that butterfly tattoo, Styles began partnering with Gucci, posing with baby animals and serving subtle camp on the Met Gala's pink carpet. The musician and creative director Alessandro Michele seem to be an artistic match made in heaven, and the collaboration recently reached a new level with Gucci Mémoire d'une Odeur, for which the rock star is the face. There couldn't be a more perfect personification of the fragrance than Styles, who has a covetable free spirit and with his mere presence can evoke strong emotions in fans. Now, there's an olfactory component to go along with the tunes and looks that already have everyone obsessed.

Styles broke the internet wearing custom Gucci on the album cover for Fine Line, and now he sparks another showstopping cover moment for L'Officiel Hommes, again wearing Gucci looks designed by Michele. Every part of the ensembles, from the sharp tailoring to the alluring styling by name twin Harry Lambert to the way he makes Mickey Mouse look cooler than ever, is a reminder of why the world is so obsessed with this true modern icon.

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Gucci / Disney X Gucci © Disney



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