When Art Meets The Classic Tote Bag

Amping up the seemingly normal tote bag into a piece of art, now that's a mark of true design.
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Those who have busy schedules will testify to this: if there's one versatile bag that you need, it is the trusty tote bag. Extremely handy and on-the-go, you can put practically your entire day into this tote, like your laptop, gym clothes, coffee mug, takeout breakfast to work.. and even has some space leftover for more after-work shopping if you need. These tote and shopper-style bags definitely serve as the new generation of backpacks, being not only functional but works of art in themselves as well.

The most remarkable design of this season is definitely the Christian Dior Book Tote. The Dior logo is printed on canvas and stands out with its oversized font and various design options. Another brand inspired by vintage vibes is Acne Studios. Alexander Wang's logo-patterned tote bag is designed with the inspiration of old-school shopping bags (just as we've been trying to reduce the use of actual plastic bags!)

For those who prefer floral patterns, check out Gucci and Loewe. Loewe went for a minimalist look with its simple flower pattern, while Gucci caught our attention with its colourful eye-catching floral embellishments. We don't think you'd actually want to carry your shopping around in these designer bags, but it definitely serves its function in terms of how practical it is for day-to-day use! 



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