Watch: How To Look Like Jane Forth?

Your definitive guide to looking like one of New York's most famous Renaissance women

Diane von Furstenberg muse. Warhol superstar. Supermodel and actress. Long after her days as the ultimate New York It Girl in the 1970s, Jane Forth still serves as an inspiration to us all for her distinctive personality and unique sense of style. But how, exactly, could one go about becoming — or, at least, looking like — a multi-faceted Renaissance woman herself?


L'Officiel Singapore has got you covered. Let twin starlets and actresses Hayley Woo and Jayley Woo show you how to embody the aesthetic appeal of the American icon in our very own guide, crafted in collaboration with Diane von Furstenberg

L'Officiel Singapore x DVF: How To Look Like Jane Forth



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