Watch: How the Lady Dior Handbag is Made

This exclusive video takes us behind the scenes to discover the secrets and design process of the iconic Dior accessory.
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The Lady Dior handbag is a timeless statement piece that only becomes more valuable over time. Of course, we have seen the iconic bag carried by celebrities and fashion lovers everywhere, but it was not until we understood the craftsmanship that went into making the bag that we truly fell in love with it. 

As you'd expect from a couture house, each Lady Dior bag is made with precision and great effort on the part Dior's craftsmen, or petites mains. The result? Simply dazzling. Here, we reveal some of the secrets of how this distinctive handbag that women all around the world covet is made in Dior's leatherworking ateliers.


First, only the finest quality leather is selected, according to the Dior strict selection rules. The second step is to perfect the knitting process and then check the accuracy of the knitting to ensure that it is completely free of defects. Finally, the pieces are assembled — all 144 of them — around a wooden form, each of which are manufactured with the utmost precision according to the required size.  The result is a masterpiece that is incomparable in its beauty and splendour.

Discover the creation process for yourself in the exclusive video below:

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