Timeless Style: The 5 Trends That Fashionable, Mature Women Are Wearing

Get inspired by how these fashionable women over 50 are wearing these trends.
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Who said fashion was only for the young? Increasingly, the fashion industry has spotlighted older models and influences over the years, seeing a positive shift away from its exclusivity. Now, fashionable figures over the age of 50 has become more commonplace -- showing that style and fashion is indeed for women of all ages!

Bringing a touch of refinement, comfort and glamour to each look, check out the 5 current trends most used by these timeless fashion icons.

Padded shoulders

The muscle tee is everything this season! And the idea of leaving the shoulders strong and structured on your shirt is gaining more and more traction amongst mature women. Creating a refined silouhette, combined and with a good fit, the garment has become an essential item for any relaxed and warm summer day. 





Relaxed tailoring

Tailoring is a classic in any wardrobe, but the trend of the moment is a more relaxed type of tailoring: picture long hems and slightly looser pieces that give  off greater movement and comfort. Afterall, after quarantine, it's easier to readjust with stepping out the house again in optimal comfort. 



Knitted dresses

Style, comfort and mobility in one piece! Knitted dresses have been increasingly popular due to their practicality, creating a statement for any occasion. 



Oversized jeans

Casual yet appropriate for all hours, jeans are great pieces when it comes to practicality and versatility. From daytime occasions on the coldest days, to meetings in bars and restaurants, they can be worn anywhere, anytime. This season, tighter versions make way for loosely fitted jeans, allowing for greater comfort and mobility.





Ski fuseau pants

You can already see that the word of the season is comfort! It is no wonder that ski fuseau leggings (or "fuseau") -- leggings that go all the way to the feet, are gaining more and more traction amongst women over 50. They are the perfect item for a more sporty yet powerful look, or even for a high-low outfit, where leggings can be paired with blazers.



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