Sustainably Stylish Loungewear Pieces To Last You Through Your Stay At Home

The ultra-comfy, trendy pieces that should be on your wishlist.
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As we stay at home, loungewear has become a bigger part of our day to day wear, and a stylish, yet comfy loungewear piece can really enhance that, well, lounging experience. But before you add that tie-dye set to cart - there are a lot more stylish options out there worthy of your consideration.

This also makes a great time to support smaller, sustainable brands that are doing the work in operating their businesses in an environmentally responsible way. Not just that, but wearing natural, non-toxic fibers has its benefits too. They don’t preserve the odour the way synthetic fabrics do, so you can easily hang them up overnight and wear them the next day (hey, we don’t judge!)

 If you are looking to invest in some stylish, eco-friendly options to your rotation, here are some of the loungewear pieces you’ll love wearing around the house and even as you snooze.

Tracksuits - Pangaia 

Coming in comfy and a wide variety of colours - of which are made from fruit and vegetable dyes, this brand has been spotlighted as young Hollywood’s favourite loungewear label (Justin Bieber, Pharrell Williams and Bella Hadid are all fans). Pangaia comes with a range of sustainable credentials: their core collection consists of bio-based and post-consumer recycled materials, such as plastic bottles.

Check them out here.

Recreation Set - First Base 

Staying home the entire day can also mean we don’t want to deal with the hassle of changing in and out of our clothes as often. This recreation set by First Base does the work: it’s stylish and comfy enough to take you from a morning yoga practise to your next Zoom conference, and to an evening of chilling by your couch. It’s made from soft cotton ribs and ethically produced, where the Australian Activewear label promotes positive practises in the fashion industry.

Check them out here.

Sweatshirt and sweatpants - Entire World 

Luxuriously soft, and coming in slightly oversized for maximum comfort, these sweatsets from Entireworld are made in a blend of organic cotton and recycled polyester. It’s also been the loungewear of choice amongst the fashion set, such as with Leandra M Cohen and Alyssa Coscarelli.

Check it out here.

Jump In Romper - MATTER 

The name says it all - jump in and out of this romper with ease. Coming in chambray and made in soft, handloomed fabric with azo-free dyes, this is a versatile piece that lets you lounge around the home in ease, or as you make your way out for your next grocery run. The piece is made by MATTER, a local design label that aims to make rural artisan production sustainable through textiles.

Check it out here.

1588670758298286 matter

Ribbed organic cotton-fleece set - Baserange 

This elegant loungewear set is made from soft, organic cotton-fleece, with a top that can be wrapped around the body in multiple ways, and pants that come with natural stretch and an elasticised waistband for optimal comfort. Baserange is committed to creating comfortable clothes, eliminating synthetic fabrics with considered materials and processes instead. 

Check it out here.

1588671148310559 baserange

Winnie Cashmere Hoodie - &Daughter

Spun from soft cashmere sourced from the Loch Leven nature reserve in Scotland, and even water from the lake to wash the yarns, this is a luxuriously chic cashmere hoodie to accompany your work from home. &Daughter champions local production and aims to support farms and workshops as much as possible through their collections. 

Check it out here.

1588671270685577 anddaughter

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