Not As It Seems: The S/S '17 Accessories Edit

by Allysha Nila
Spring/Summer 2017’s got a few tricks up its sleeves. While they’re guaranteed to deceive your eyes and mind, they also make for fascinating fashion statements and conversation starters
Lofficiel Singapore illusion shopping spread objects of desire A.jpg

Objects of Desire

Who doesn’t love all the novelty items the designers spoil us with every season? Add a little fun to your wardrobe with things that look like other things.


Lofficiel Singapore illusion shopping spread put a sock in it B.jpg

Put a Sock in It

Give your mouth a rest and let your shoes do the talking. Not only will these babies give you fancy feet, they won’t kill them either. 


Lofficiel Singapore illusion shopping spread leading lines C.jpg

Leading Lines

These visual treats put things into perspective and easily draw anyone’s attention to a single point of interest: you. Choose narrowing patterns in soft hues.


Lofficiel Singapore illusion shopping spread vision of love D.jpg

Vision of Love

See the world through rose-tinted glasses – after all, the finishing touch to the season’s amorous mood was a slew of romantic, coloured lenses. Go for chunky, transparent plastic frames and sleek metal temples for added sophistication.



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