Salvatore Ferragamo Taps On The Power Of Social Media For New Gancini Campaign

Directed by Bryanboy and fronted by a cast of social media stars like Xenia Adonts, Linda Tol, Tamu McPherson, Carlo Sestini, and more, the new digital campaign explores the notion of iconic through the classic Gancini monogram
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Love them or hate them, influencers are not going away anytime soon. From being fixtures in the front row to snapping up magazine covers to launching their own labels, influencers are by now a nearly ineluctable part of fashion, and will probably remain so for as long as social media continues to dominate contemporary culture (that is to say, a very long time). Salvatore Ferragamo evidently has no objections to that, because the brand has just assembled a whole cast of them for its latest campaign.

In celebration of the classic Gancini motif, the Italian house has created a series of short videos centred on the query, “What does iconic mean to you?”. Directed by fashion blogger Bryan Yambao (otherwise known as Bryanboy) and shot entirely in Milan, the crew of social media stars – Linda Tol, Tamu McPherson, Chris Burt-Allan, Xenia Adonts, Yoyo Cao, Tina Leung, Carlo Sestini, and Yambao himself – take turns to share their thoughts on the matter, all whilst exuding ineffable cool in the new collection of Gancini-printed ready-to-wear and accessories.

As easily identifiable as the Vara bow, the Gancini motif first emerged in the 1970s, and is thought to be inspired by the wrought-iron gates at the Palazzo Spini Feroni headquarters in Florence. Shaped like an inverted horseshoe, the distinctive symbol serves not just as a decoration, but also as a visual encapsulation of the intangible values of quality, heritage, strength, and togetherness dear to Salvatore Ferragamo.


Almost half a century later, creative director Paul Andrew has reinvented the Gancini as a monogram, with interlocking rows of upsilons in shades of beige and black. Introduced for Pre-Spring 2019, the monogram now features on a comprehensive range of clothes, shoes, and accessories for both men and women, including polo shirts, button-downs, capes, sneakers, moccasins, reversible belts, scarves, totes, and the Studio and Boxyz bags.



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