Vara Pleased To Meet You: The 40th Anniversary Of Salvatore Ferragamo's Vara Shoes

Seven international influencers have come together to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Salvatore Ferragamo's iconic Vara shoes
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The Beginning

In 1978, the eldest daughter of Wanda and Salvatore Ferragamo, Fiamma, had the feeling that their brand was missing a pair of shoes that were elegant yet casual for everyday. That resulted in a prototype (with a low heel and rounded toe) being made, and its shape was tested for comfort.

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A Beautiful "Mistake"

The bow of the Vara was meant to be made in leather. These instructions didn't reach the workshop, and the first pair of shoes was made in leather, with metal and grosgrain for the ribbon. At the beginning of 1979, this Vara design arrived in stores.

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Fab 40

Through the years, the Vara has remained largely unchanged, with new iterations taking the same shape and core bow detail. Now, to celebrate its big 4-0, seven personalities - Molly Chiang, Natalia Bonifacci, Maika Monroe, Tamu McPherson, Celine Aagaard, Caroline Issa, and Vanda Margraf - each don a different style of the Vara. These include Vara Dots, Glitter, Chain, and Quilted. 

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First seen in the November 2019 issue of L'Officiel Singapore



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