Power Puffa: Jonathan Anderson Talks Shaking Things Up At Moncler Genius

Ahead of the much-anticipated release of the 1 Moncler JW Anderson collection, the incredibly busy designer took some time off to chat exclusively with L'Officiel Singapore about the drop
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You have your hands pretty full with various creative roles. What made you say "yes" to being a part of Moncler Genius?

I think Moncler Genius is just an incredible concept and project. I love to work and be busy, and the Moncler teams were so easy to work with, it never felt like a stretch. 


What comes to mind when one says "Moncler", and how would you say you injected JW Anderson into the brand through this project?

Performance and perfection. Moncler is so well-made. I think JW Anderson brought a bit of agitation to the brand. Shaking things up a bit. 

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While designing it, how did you differentiate between this collection and your other brands?

It's about identifying the strengths of the brands and the teams. With Moncler, they are best at doing puffa, so we really designed into that. 


With your work, there's always a sense of looking back in order to create something new. Was looking at archive JW Anderson pieces something you knew you wanted to do right away?

It wasn't something I wanted to do straight away, but then I looked back at things I always wanted to make out of puffa. It was more about the things I had always imagined in puffa, but that we didn't have the technology to do at the time. 


Was it hard narrowing things down to 31 looks? How did you decide on the final pieces to "inflate"?

It was hard, but after starting to work on it, you start to see what pieces are the strongest and it all comes together. 

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You're someone who really enjoys collaborations. What was the biggest challenge and what did you like most about this one?

The biggest challenge was to edit because there were so many good things. And the most amazing thing about working with Moncler is their openness to trying new things. 


What are your thoughts on Moncler Genius as a creative club and platform for designers?

I think it's a very modern idea for Moncler and it seems to be working very well. 


In the tricky times we live in, the collection comes across as really positive, fun and bright. What are some items you're most excited about?

I'm glad you think so, because I really wanted to project this idea of optimism. I think with the colours and patterns, there is almost this idea of childish fantasy. Like it was hard to edit, it's really hard to pick a favourite — but I do love the prints. 

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Scroll through the gallery below to check out the entire 1 Moncler JW Anderson collection: 




First seen in the October 2020 issue of L'Officiel Singapore


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