Dissecting the Met Gala 2017 and its Dress Code

The avant-garde isn't everyone's cup of tea but to be ignorant of its impact on fashion is preposterous. How did the stars align with the dress code at the Met Gala, and what lessons can we take away from it?
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The Exhibit: Art of the In-Between

The Wonder of Kawakubo

She's created gigantic blue witches, sent an army of floral warriors on the runway, destroyed beauty conventions with lumps and bumps, waged war against prettiness, protested against the world's self-inflicted chaos, exaggerated shapes and volume by the tenfold, collaborated with both sculptor Louise Bourgeois and Disney, toyed with 2D for a line of work that creates in 3D... Try to think of anything wild and rebellious, and then subdue that with intense philosophical thought and Kawakubo will create something 100 times better. Her work will cause reactions ranging from "What the hell is that" to "I think I'm going to cry". It is emotionally moving, and beautiful. The best thing is, she remains as the industry's most elusive woman.

This retrospective proves that Art meets Commerce

But Kawakubo is a not only a conceptually groundbreaking designer — she's also a powerful woman leading a huge business empire. Cult retail space Dover Street Market is one major brainchild, and she's also conceived the highly successful and commercial PLAY line, worn by every single joe on the street. She's a living testament that creativity and commerce indeed go hand in hand and that's why she has free reign on what she does for the main line. We have her to thank for allowing us to truly see clothing beyond form, tradition, convention, craftsmanship, and beyond prestige. She's one of the people who truly keep fashion interesting.

Tl;dr: we've waited for this since forever. It's a huge moment for Kawakubo, fashion and fans. Prepare to have your mind blown.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute Benefit — aka The Met Gala

The Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute Benefit — aka The Met Gala

That time of the year everyone starts dressing very seriously

This is fashion's version of the Olympics. The prep is a freaking marathon and very often, its attendees have to wrestle their clothes into the venue. Nevertheless, it's a time to celebrate fashion. We're often accused of being superficial, so it's especially unacceptable to just show up to the ball looking good. Everyone and everything, like the exhibit, must embody intellectual rigour. That's why we care so much if people show up not dressed to the theme, and that seems to have become the case. At last year's gala, everyone showed up in Balmain; the theme was technology. *very loud sigh*

This year's women prove you can be Comme, even without Comme

We acknowledge that this year's avant-garde theme is difficult for celebrities whose brands are built on glamour, but good job to everyone who dressed immaculatelyPriyanka Chopra wore an experimental Ralph Lauren ensemble, Kate Bosworth stunned in an unusually exaggerated Tory Burch gown, and Solange looked ridiculous in her Thom Brown puffer dress. We're happy they did their homework. To anyone complaining about Katy Perry: Shut up, you don't get it. She's wearing Maison Margiela. 

Of course, everyone who wore Comme deserves an applause. Here's a valuable thing to remember: The worst thing is to wear Comme and not embody Comme. But thankfully, that didn't happen to any of the guests this year.

Below, we've rounded up a few things that actually emulate avant garde and are referrential of Rei Kawakubo's own work. Click through to shop.

We just have so many questions for the others, though...

Why was Lady Gaga missing? What happened to the Olsen twins? Was Bella Hadid on her way to her barre class? Why was Kendall Jenner.... never mind. What was Ashley Graham wearing? What's going on? Where was the avant-garde? Do these people know they are honouring a living legend? Do they have anything Comme? We need someone to explain to us why Chrissy Teigen looks like a chicken, Blake Lively looks like a parrot and Zoe Kravitz looks like a bouquet. 

Madonna must simply be stopped. We're done here.

How would you have turned up to 2017's Met Gala?



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