LIVE: Get Set to be Quizzed for the Gucci Aria Collection

Gucci is back with another virtual presentation. See the Aria collection live at 9PM, Singapore time on 15th April 2021
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Continuing his narrative on seasonless collections, creative director Alessandro Michele is set to unveil the latest collection, "Gucci Aria" on 15th April 2021 at 9 PM, Singapore time.

Slated to be a virtual presentation, the Aria collection will be presented worldwide via a digital live stream. Taking cues from Gucci's constant love for self-expression and individuality, the brand teases the coming show with an invitation themed "GUCCIQUIZ!: The Unconventional Invite to Discover the Aria Collection.

In the release, Gucci states, "Fashion, as a form of aesthetic expression, then becomes a game in which one must connect the dots and fill in the blanks. Taking this que, Gucci sent to its virtual guests the GUCCIQUIZ!, an ironic and unconventional publication filled with puzzles, crosswords and brain teasers curated in collaboration with Keesing PRS Italia and with the support of Domenica Quiz."


Watch the show here live:

"Through these Gucci-themed riddles, the invitees will discover the details to virtually attend the upcoming presentation of the House’s Aria Collection. Unlike the puzzles contained here, however, there is no right or wrong answer to fashion – the solution, rather simply, is in the eye of the beholder. And herein lies the beauty of this enigma."



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