Kristen Stewart, darling muse of Chanel

The adored and engaged vampirette has come a long way since Twilight. She is everywhere, especially in the first and only row of the Chanel Métiers d'Art show at the Château de Chenonceau.
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Face of the campaign photographed by Juergen Teller, the first American actress to be awarded the Caesar will soon play Lady Di in a biopic currently being filmed. And even when she accepts a role in a Christmas movie (Happiest Season), she gives it an inclusive message.

From one castle to another

Soon, Kristen Stewart will therefore lend her features to Diana's hieratic expressions, in Spencer. A thread - of tweed - connects the two icons, since several outfits will be signed Chanel, silhouettes that have entered pop culture since they were adopted by the Princess of Wales. In the first images of the film revealed to tease the desire of fans for monarchical adventures - Oprah does not have a monopoly on princely emotion - we have already been able to discover Kristen Stewart wearing an intense red coat from the Chanel Prêt collection - to wear fall-winter 1988-89. Ambassador of the house since 2013, the actress was chosen by Karl Lagerfeld to represent Gabrielle Chanel on screen in the short film Once and Forever, screened in Rome during the presentation of the Métiers d'art 2015-16 collection.

This season, it is without an audience but with equal glamor, that Kristen was able to attend, alone, the Crafts show during a parade under historical conditions of physical distancing. The Chanel ambassador wore for the occasion black embossed cotton velvet pants, a black wool sweater and shoes from the house. His opinion on the collection? "Ultrafeminine and wild. Very sexy. "

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© Chanel

Romantic-Renaissance inspiration

The show imagined by Virginie Viard, artistic director of the Fashion collections of Chanel, drew its inspiration from the very place of its presentation. The floral embroidery on the lapels of the jackets evoked the surrounding flower gardens, and the shades of warm shades of a tweed cape recalled the tapestries of the castle. Virginie Viard likes everything to mix, " all time, between Renaissance and romanticism, rock and something very girlish, all very Chanel". Long black lace dress in guipure and studded stitching, black capelines, damask bustiers, and the essential two-tone sandals for the occasion, wedges and adorned with silver sequins, black tapered boots with high heels: the collection was also bewitching, timeless, eternal. For Kristen Stewart, " Modernity is evident in the way the silhouettes reposition the classic take on how a woman should dress to be seen as elegant or regal. Again, Virginie's work is daring, you feel. let her have fun". The actress too, who took advantage of this exclusivity to draw some Polaroids from the experience.

1627523226975352 ks 041627523227236672 ks 02
1627523227516183 ks 061627523227806764 ks 08
© Chanel

The game of "Chateau des Dames"

For Virginie Viard, the choice of Chenonceau was essential: its interior architecture, with the black and white checkerboard gallery where the collection was presented, harmonized with the tones of the season. Black and white, Gabrielle Chanel's favorite colors, adorned the rare and precious creations made by the 38 craft houses, whose existence is perpetuated by the support of Maison Chanel. Without the support of the group belonging to the Wertheimer family, some of these gems of know-how, guarantors of French luxury (luxury whose exports currently represent more than 50 billion euros per year), could probably not continue. For almost twenty years, this parade out of time and the fashion calendar has paid tribute to the craftsmen who have contributed to the influence of the Maison Chanel. And in this singular atmosphere with a theatrical atmosphere - some would say "neo-ghostly" - the millennials will have been able to find their "Bella", more mature, with assumed adult sensuality, but always enigmatic.

1627523228075280 look 021627523228418581 look 13
1627523228773434 look 581627523229282153 look 66
Kristen Stewart's four favorite looks from the Chanel 2020/21 Métiers d'art collection designed by Virginie Viard.

Chenonceau was the stronghold of Catherine de Medici . His emblem? A monogram made up of two intertwined "C's". There is no chance, only metaphysics and precious reunions. For the collection, it has been in stores since June 8.

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