Here’s How Kim Kardashian Managed To Fit Into Her Tight Balmain Latex Ensemble

Watching her cursing as she squeezes into it is pure comic relief.
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When Kim Kardarshian debuted her latex outfits during Paris Fashion Week earlier in the month, she left fans wondering how she squeezed her curves into those unforgiving garments. 

The latex outfit was created by Balmain, which has caught the likes of stylists and celebrities for years with designer Olivier Rousteing at its helm since 2009. 

Many have wondered how such a curvaceous celebrity such as Kim herself managed to get into latex-like, skin-tight clothing. Well, here’s the answer… (Note, the sound of sweet, sticky latex.)

In a sneak peek from Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kim Kardashian is seen struggling to get into her latex Balmain outfit during Paris Fashion Week earlier this month. 

“I literally feel like I pulled a muscle in my shoulder,” Kim says at one point, laughing. “This is fucking fashion week.” 

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BALMAIN 2020 models of autumn collection, photos of fashion houses.

Never one to shy from a sartorial statement, Kim’s outfit consisted of a pleated leather corsets and a latex ensemble, featuring high-fitting trousers and wide jackets. These costumes were designed by O. Rousteing in conjunction with the popular London fashion house Atsuko Kudo, and had just launched on the catwalk as part of their fall 20/21 collection. famous for its latex products, which is incidentally, is one of Kim's favorite brands.



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