Chiara Ferragni Tells Us What's Inside Her Fendi Peekaboo

The Italian style influencer also shares her experience working with Fendi and lets us in on her biggest secret.
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As part of its Me & My Peekaboo campaign, Fendi celebrated Chiara Ferragni's birthday in Rome - and makes things extra special by bringing in Ferragni's husband, Fedez, and family. Below, the Italian style influencer talks about the iconic Peekaboo bag and the "Ferragnez". 


What's one word you can use to describe the women in your family? 

If I had to choose just one word to describe my relationship with the women of my family, it would be sisterhood.


How would you describe your relationship with your husband, Fedez, then?

I would define the "Ferragnez" as a modern yet pop couple.


The Peekaboo is...

Timeless, versatile and a must-have! For me, the Peekaboo bag never goes out of style and it's always on trend. 

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We've made you describe everything but yourself so far - would you like to give that a go?

I like to change and try new things every year by always remaining true to myself, this is a characteristic that I share with the Peekaboo bag - it's versatile and authentic.


Would you give us a peek as to what's inside your Peekaboo?

My iPhone, as I love to share with my followers what I'm up to, and my passport because I'm constantly travelling. 


The iconic bag is about teasing secrets. Do you have any good ones?

My secret is that I have no secrets, I literally share everything with my followers!


Describe shooting the Me & My Peekaboo video in Rome.

It was great fun to be there with my family and my dog, Matilda. I am always fascinated by the Eternal City - you can feel the strong bond between Rome and Fendi. 

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This story first appeared in L'Officiel Singapore's June/July 2019 issue, available on Magzter.



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