Here Are The At Home Photoshoots Marc Jacobs, Hailey Bieber and More Are Participating In

Creative directed, edited, and curated by Mert Alas.
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With social distancing and quarantine rules affecting most of the world, fashion editorials have all but come to a standstill. But that hasn’t stopped our fellow fashion creatives from being, well, creative. Mert Alas has used this extra time spent in his house to coordinate photoshoots on his own, and it's available for free and for our viewing pleasure!

Mert Alas is the photographer better known as one half of the famous duo, Mert & Marcus, who hold a portfolio of instantly recognisable work under their belt. The duo has worked with many big brands such as Louis Vuitton and Miu Miu, and their photos don the covers of various big fashion publications.

And now, with quarantine rules in place, Mert started a little “gallery” on his very own personal feed, involving familiar faces such as Marc Jacobs, Lily Aldridge, Amber Valletta, Mariacarla Boscono, Hailey Bieber and more. The 12-day series, aptly titled “Quarantine Days,” features a curation of photos publicly submitted to Mert. Calling it an “art game,” Mert provides his followers with the creative direction e.g. “dreamy,” while you play the artist, model and creator. After which, the photographer will edit the photos and publish it as a carousell on his instagram. 

‘“Art must be life, it must belong to everybody” - Marina Abramović,’ so says one of his captions, and so it shall be. Check ahead to see the creative energies that have emerged from this project.

“ First of all you guys all rock for taking the time to make a dream and inspiring each other, and second what matters is we all tried! We all [managed to get] away from the bad news and vibes and felt creative even for a little time,” says Mert in a caption.

“Once again, proud of all submission, I got sent around 2000 images and I have been editing them 40 hours by myself! I wish I had more time to make more images,nevertheless it was fun,” says Mert in his last series for the collection.

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