Try On The Ace Sneakers Via AR Tech On Gucci's App

Gucci's shoe AR technology feature in its app will help you decide which Ace sneaker fits you best.
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Gucci has become the first fashion brand to introduce shoe augmented reality (AR) technology via its official app! The maison's new feature is in collaboration with Wannaby, allowing users to "try on" the Gucci Ace sneakers in a couple of easy steps. The technology is definitely impressive as well, as Wannaby's AR Try-on technology is the most exact and accurate, garnering recognition from industry leaders and AR professionals worldwide. 

Gucci's Ace sneakers come in multiple variations with different motifs and designs - from the brand's recognizable green and red stripes to shoes adorned with patches, and more. With its consistent design releases, these iconic sneakers have been a medium through which the Maison expresses its creativity, as well as a way for fans themselves to express their own character through finding the designs that suit them most. Thus, the introduction of this AR technology will be a great convenience for users to try on a wide range of designs without having to go to the physical store. 

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The new app feature, which is only available on iOS, allows the fashion house to introduce new models to users, and even letting them vie and interact with upcoming sneaker models. All customers need to do is select the styles they want to try on, and then frame their shoes with their camera. What's more, the picture of the kicks can be saved and shared! To add on to the convenience, the sneakers can also be bought immediately, via Gucci's website linked through the app. 

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