Get Ready For Summer With These 5 Runway-Approved Trends

In need of a mood booster? These candy-coloured accessories, playful stripes and peekaboo net details will surely lift your spirits.
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With the recently tightened restrictions in Singapore, working from home is back to default mode for most workplaces, and restaurants are once again closed for dining in. Doom and gloom? Not quite. Summer is still upon us, and the restrictions are soon to lift: Which means it's the perfect time to start sussing out your wardrobe for the sunny days to come.

We pick out the top 5 trends for summer straight from the runways. It's time to experiment and play dress up: You’ve got the time.


Is there anything more energising than stripes? The bigger, the better, was the message from the runways. Bottega Veneta shows off its romantic side with an elegant maxi cotton dress with its flared cut and a sinuous stripe pattern that highlights the body. For a stylish statement that'll add an instant pop of interest, try on Bottega Veneta's cropped jacket in pretty pink. Or throw on Verdelimon’s diaphanous kimono in yellow stripes for a relaxed summertime look. 


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Granted, it’s an unusual trend, but there’s certain practicality that comes with the drama. With social engagements looking precarious, the demand for a versatile wardrobe is higher than ever. The new fishnet trend is all about layering: Especially pieces that nestle easily above bodysuits, inner tops and slips dress.

Bottega Veneta’s lust-worthy cotton knitted dress trimmed with ruffle details comes dotted with a hint of retro beading, whilst Rick Owens’s cashmere net tank top comes with an open weave fitted at the waist. The trend even extends to footwear; Bottega Veneta takes a new spin on the classic pump with this cheeky pair of netted heels that's nevertheless sophisticated and put-together.

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The coming months are all about light, bright colours to energise not just your wardrobe, but yourself. Think bubblegum pink, mint green, and Nerds lavender. We love Bottega Veneta's whirl clutch bag in Lollipop-gold: It's quirky design looks good both on the arm and on your prized display shelf. For a look that's a little more conventional — but still edgy — there's the wonderfully architectural beak bag in peachy silver.

If you prefer a more subtle look, go for one of the brand's iconic pouches in smoothly pleated leather or Intrecciato pattern, which come in a range of fresh, playful shades that are nonetheless classy.


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Usually reserved for the end of year holidays, no one expects sequins to show up 6 months early — but we're saying 'yes', and the runways are in agreement. For a different look, try dressing them down: Pair your sequins with sneakers, a baseball cap or flats. Key pieces to look out for include this feminine linen skirt from Bottega Veneta, whose flared shape combines elegance and nonchalance.

Prefer an even bolder look? This gorgeous graphic sequin skirt from La Doublej is brings the glam in droves. Finish your fit by pairing it with this Bottega Veneta pouch mini in gold — it'll add that magic sparkle to any outfit.




Big quilted shapes and exaggerated puffs: What's not to love about this fun summertime silhouette? Bottega Veneta’s signature orthogonal weave on the padded cassette fitted with a slender adjustable shoulder strap in a peachy silver colour makes any outfit look fresh and summer-ready.

For evening engagements, this eye-catching elegant chain cassette embodies Bottega Veneta’s signature savoir-faire — we love how the hardware gives it an extra bit of edgy-glam.

Ever heard of the term “walking on clouds”? These whimsical padded sandals in lemon-drop yellow from Bottega Veneta fit the scene to a tee, and is the perfect companion for your morning cappuccino e brioche run. 



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