From Toe To Head: Ferragamo Fall/Winter 2019

At Harajuku’s Batsu Art Gallery, Salvatore Ferragamo’s creative director, Paul Andrew, personally took us through some of his Fall/Winter 2019 favourites
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“Many of the pieces are made in nappa leather – this exemplifies everything that we do. I think that Ferragamo should ‘own’ leather dressing.”

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Paul Andrew insists he wants to keep his collections 'luxurious and high fashion'. “We’re doing the opposite of what so many luxury houses are doing now – no hoodies, tees, shorts with logos emblazoned all over them.”

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“Keeping that ease and wearability, but keeping it elevated. I looked at American workwear from the ’40s, ’50s and ’60s.”

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“Patchwork is a major part of the Ferragamo archives. And this is made in the most astonishing way. The panels are laser-cut, before artisans use blue to piece it together. There is no stitching.”

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“The heels take reference from a ’60s design by Salvatore Ferragamo’s daughter.”

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The Boxyz bag, which was launched for Pre-Fall 2019, gets more finishes for Fall/Winter 2019.

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“The version of the Boxyz that fits little things like a credit card.”

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“The scarf print is key for Ferragamo. We spliced various scarf prints together to make a new one. The skirt has a flap, which you can let down or button up for different looks. And the cotton shirt here has leather bonded over it.”

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“This was, in fact, inspired by a blanket that I had found.”

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“And the Gancini (monogram) jacquard is something I developed from scratch (using Ferragamo’s iconic symbol).”


Full story in the September 2019 issue of L'Officiel Singapore.



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