Dior's Cruise 2022 Collection Turns Greek Mythology into Reality

Maria Grazia Chiuri taps on the ease of freedom, the glamour of sports, and ancient Greek history for the house's latest collection.
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Freedom is movement. That was the idea behind the Dior Cruise 2022 Collection held at the Panathenaic stadium last night.

Going back through the passage of time, the location of the first Olympic games held in 1896 was revitalised into a dramatic runway lit by 400 flames that stretched 500 metres long. The lack of spectators usually seen in fashion shows stood in stark contrast to the empty space — the large scale of the stadium made the difference even more pronounced.

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Inspired by her Roman roots, Maria Grazia Chiuri tapped into comfort and ease in the versatility of movement in the collection, which she titled "Erratum": a Latin term for error in printing or writing.

The ease of freedom and glamour of sports have made casual clothes accepted in wardrobes, something Chiuri tapped on for the collection. Inducing a sense of purity, the Grecian-inspired ready-to-wear collection presented flowy cream white togas, modernised with hoodies and 21st century peplos.

Occasionally, the collection was interrupted with brightly coloured sweats in blues, greens and yellow. Some were elevated with abstract prints embracing Greek mythology, prints that can be found on traditional Greece clay pottery and designs carved out in stone on its ancient silhouettes. Incorporated with numerous outfit were utilitarian, edgy accessories made of gold and gladiator-style harnesses strapped across the body. 

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Images courtesy of Myrto Papadopoulos & Sophie Carre.

Chirui also collaborated with local artisans to work on the collection to create a unique method of structuring embroidery on a jacquard loom, something best seen in the Bar Jacket, Book Tote and Dior’s silk leggings and shorts.

Chirui also surprised us by closing the last look of the show with a dress referenced from Björk’s famed swan dress in feather-light tulle. Deceptively casual and nonchalant, the collection was an ode to the sculptural history of Grecian femininity, a tribute to Chirui’s roots, and a refreshing take on Dior’s signature DNA of understated elegance — and edge.

Explore every look from Dior Cruise 2022 below.




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