Suzy Bae Reveals What's in Her Lady Dior Bag

Korean actress Suzy Bae reveals the secrets concealed in her favourite handbag.
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To South Korean singer and actress Suzy Bae, the Lady Dior is her best friend. Characterising the bag as an essential accessory, she says she never goes anywhere without it — now, the starlet opens up to reveal what's inside her precious bag.

In the latest episode of Dior's In My Lady... series, "CF queen" Suzy Bae — so named for her successes in commercial films — reveals an array of secrets in her favorite handbag, ranging from personalised pins, to her must-have daily essentials, and what she’s reading now.

In her bag, the star keeps essentials such as hand sanitiser, a pencil case, wallet, earphones and her current read, Normal People by Sally Roodney. Hand sanitisers, as Suzy explains, are her latest obsession: She reveals she always has not one but two bottles (a gel and and spray) by her side at all times.

Featuring the hallmarks of Dior leather goods (soft lambskin topstitched with the iconic Cannage motif, rounded handles and D.I.O.R charms), the Lady Dior is an iconic bag and an architectural piece symbolising couture elegance and refinement. Reinterpreted with charms, a wide shoulder strap and a more supple design, the design is one that will never go out of trend. 

The multi-hyphenate has been a household name across parts of Asia for most of the 11 years since her debut under JYP with girl group Miss A in 2010. A year after her debut as an idol, she ventured into acting by starring in Dream High alongside other talents like Kim Soo-hyun and IU. She joins a host of other celebrities who have starred in Dior's In My Lady... mini series, along with celebs like Chiara Ferragni and Lily Allen.

Scroll down for some of our favourite picks from within Suzy's bag.

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