Burberry Plans to Get Rid of Plastic by 2025

The British house has committed to the MacArthur Foundation to reduce and then eliminate its use of plastic.
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A report from the MacArthur Foundation has announced that Burberry has committed to eliminating the use of plastic for its packaging and shopping bags. The British brand plans to get rid of unnecessary plastic by 2025 and work hand in hand with the British government to work to reduce its footprint on the environment.

Burberry had already put sustainability and respect for the environment at the heart of its work in 2004 before implementing a five-year eco-friendly strategy in 2017. By the end of 2019, the brand has already planned to replace all hangers, protections and plastic bags with recyclable and more environmentally friendly materials. Burberry also plans to launch a recycling program for the brand's old plastic hangers that people will be able to bring back for reuse or processing. By 2025, the English house says it wants to ensure that its packaging and bags are reusable, recyclable or compostable.

This decision follows the revelation by the press of the massive destruction of unsold products by the house that has been anxious to stop this practice, just like the use of real fur that should stop with the next collection of Riccardo Tisci in September.



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