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Prepare to se Moncler 1952 like you've never seen it before
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While 1952 has erstwhile had the reputation of being Moncler's casual, and very wearable sub-label, expect a boost in modernity and sophistication - courtesy of its new womenswear design director, Veronica Leoni, who had been at Celine for many years before being tapped for this project.

Earlier in February, at Moncler Genius' Fall/Winter 2019 presentation in Milan, there were at least 11 different collaborative collections to take in - Leoni's 2 Moncler 1952 held its own, with models place in a large glass box, filled with feathers. We could look in and "spy" on them, but they could not see us. 

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Leoni says her understanding of the brand is that while it is "technical" and "authentic", it is also very much "spirited" - "eclectic, transversal, and fluid", in her words. And her take on Moncler resulted in a surprising yet practical mix of lenghts, (couture-style) shapes and materials - all while looking contemporary and feminine. Layers with bouclé wools, bleached tartans, padded tailoring, fur, knit, and nylon are meant ot evoke notions of heroines, as well as celebrate modern women mixing and matching, and wearing clothes for themselves. 

Check out some of the looks below:


First seen in the September 2019 issue of L'Officiel Singapore



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