15 Stylish Fashion Gifts for Chinese New Year 2019

Embrace the Year of the Pig by wearing these luxury fashion goodies designed specially for the festive season. 
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As February 5 draws closer, it's easy to be overwhelmed by the flood of limited-edition Chinese New Year collections released by your favourite fashion brands. It's a whole other ball game to sift through them to pick out the perfect gift for a loved one to ring in the Year of the Pig: a pig necklace? A pig wallet? A pig sweater?

In 2019, the porcine possibilities are endless. That's why we've rounded up the cream of the hog crop to bring you the ultimate CNY Fashion Gift Guide. We've thrown in a mix of tasteful clothing, cheeky accessories and timeless handbags for good measure. In other words, there's something for everyone to wear and flaunt this festive season. 

You'll want to get this Givenchy sweatshirt for your particularly superstitious friends. Not only does it feature this year's auspicious animal (with wings, no less), it also boasts an extra dose of fortune in the form of lucky stars.

Anybody would be over the moon to receive these pair of half-moon-shaped shades from Gentle Monster, which brings a whole new (and ultra-chic) meaning to the phrase "seeing red".

Just like Givenchy, Coach has toughened up 2019's typically docile and adorable mascot for this flaming red tote bag — the perfect accessory for that friend who boasts a lot of spunk.

Know someone who can appreciate a good ol' Disney flick? They'll be happy to discover that the iconic Three Little Pigs are the stars of this particular pair of Gucci's beloved Ace sneakers. 

This is for that pal who swears by Longchamp's Le Pliage Cuir bags whenever they travel. Featuring adorable (but subtle!) porcine details, this handy CNY edition won't attract too many stares on the road.

Who doesn't love a Moncler jacket? Especially when it's made with velvet, silk and ruby rhinestones? Get this to keep a loved one warm during future winter vacations.

If you're planning to surprise someone who needs a dose of sweetness in her life, this  Miu Miu necklace will do just the trick. It comes with a cute little piggy pendant, complete with a ribbon on top.

Chloé’s Roy bucket bag is a fun gift option for anybody who loves a good optical illusion: it's adorned with a whimsical illustration by Rithika Merchant that forms an abstract pig face.

Contrary to popular belief, socks aren't boring gift options. Certainly not in the case of this pair by Gucci, which we're sure your friend will be happy to add to their collection.


There are few gifts classier than the Lady Dior handbag, which is why we think you should reserve this gorgeous Chinese New Year edition for your dear mother or sister.

Get this exquisite Salvatore Ferragamo silk scarf to pair with the Lady Dior bag above and you'll be crowned "Favourite Family Member" in no time. 

This Coach clutch keeps things simple with a scarlet pebbled leather exterior, a nostalgic floral bow pattern and zero pig references in sight. Perfect for that friend who appreciates a timeless accessory.

Looking for a lucky charm bracelet? Consider this gold Givenchy bracelet instead, which features a pig pendant specially paired with a heart-shaped garnet stone for "extra energy."

Here's another timeless gift option for your list. This time, it's Mulberry's beloved Amberley satchel, which you can personalize with the British brand's elegant scarf designed just for the festive season.

A brooch of a pig with its own pair of wings? Get this Gucci ornament for a friend whose sense of humour is as adept as their sense of style.

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