The Ultrapace: All About Gucci's 80s-Inspired Sneakers

Get to know the Ultrapace - the 80s vintage sneakers from Gucci's Fall 2019 runway.
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Sneakers are more than a fashion trend - they are considered by many to be a staple in one's closet. Thus, many famous fashion brands have turned to capture the ever-growing sneaker market with unique design strategies. Much to the excitement of many sneakerheads, many vintage designs from the past have been brought back and reimagined with a modern twist.


Constructed in a diverse mix of leathers and fabrics

This is clearly the case with fashion brands like Gucci- from the Ace Sneaker's art campaign to the Flashtrek sneakers that created a buzz with its 90s chunky style, and the popular Rhyton sneaker. Unique logos are featured on the latest runway for Fall 2019, unveiling the Ultrapace - an iconic pair of sneakers inspired by the 80s. The shoes sport a variety of vintage colours, and come in the form of both mid and high top sneakers.   

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Featuring a mix and match of materials and colours, with a lightly distressed effect that contributes to its vintage spirit.

The Ultrapace Sneaker is designed with a tri-coloured rubber sole that is visible from the outside and is made from printed patterned leather, suede, leather, metallic Laveredo fabric, with a terry cloth lining on the inside. Coming in a variety of colours - including red, blue, green, yellow, orange, pink and more, the sneakers are said to be more unique than ever, even featuring a hand-painted mid-sole. Another key element of the Ultrapace Sneaker is the uniquely designed Gucci logo, which melds well into the overall shoe, making it versatile enough for everyday wear. 



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