Fanny Packs Are Kicking Fanny in the Fashion Accessory Industry

In an astonishing market report by NPD Group, the once old-school tourist essential is now propelling 25% of this year's industrial growth.
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The fanny pack (A.K.A. bum bag, ket bag, banana bag, geebag, kidney bag, marsupium bag) is a small pouch that is usually secured via a strap around waist, right above ones 'fanny' or 'bum' (read: buttocks). Because of its hands-free, potentially concealable and utilitarian design, the fanny pack has been around pretty much since antiquity when these pouches preceded the invention of pockets. Since then, fanny packs have carried seeds, coin, weapons, drugs, ski-passes, passports...and, now, our bejeweled Juuls, iPhones, and kombucha bottles.

Many would argue that the Age of Fanny Pack Enlightenment occurred back in July 2018, when the fashion industry's major brands (i.e. Alexander Wang, Louis Vuitton, Gucci) decided to create their own versions of the accessory. This revival hasn't slowed down since and, despite making up but 1% of accessory sales, NPD Group's report reveals that fanny packs account for a whopping quarter of the U.S. fashion accessory industry's growth for this year. Moreover, for those who ever thought there was a gender barrier for this accessory, NPD Group also reports that the bags are now the fastest-growing segment in the men's accessories market.

Bet you regret sending off all of that 1980s/90s gear to Salvation Army now, huh?

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